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Tommy Chong - Yuk Yuk's - Hamilton - Weds


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I saw an interview with him the other day on the biography channel, and he was talking about being busted at the border. It was halarious. He said that he was pulled over and the dog went straight for his crotch. The guy asked him if he had any marijuana and his response was "i'm Tommy Chong man". The border guard said he knew, but did he have any thing. Chong is like, I don't think so. But he forgot that he had a pipe in his pocket and he did end up having some weed too. The ended up doing jack sh!t to him because he has dual citizenship. So then he starts to push it, "what happens next time when I cross with weed?", "nothing sir", "and the time after that?", "nothing sir" etc... It was a pretty funny interview to say the least.

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