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Diesel Dog @ Pepper Jack's May 9th


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What a great night.....Diesel Dog is really starting to go nuts!! I love the jams, very tight, unreal groove.These guys are out to Give'r ..I reccomend if you dig great music,dancin',smilin' & just out right having one hell of a great time...GO SEE DIESEL DOG!!

Diesel Dog @ PJC 05.09.03


Norwegian wood tease > Jam

Walking the dog > Jam

Fishin' with the skipper

Aint got none


I'm a ram > Jam >

Second thoughts

Jungle boogie > Jam


Will it go 'round in circles?


The Israelites

Shakedown street


Our little town (Doug Feaver tune)(killer cover)

Love for life (?)

I'm a man >Jam >

Jam >I'm a man

*Sound check --> All

I may have missed a song, but I think I got it pretty dam close.

Get on out for this great show in Brantford...going to be one great freakin time.

The Phases ...WOW what can I say? I am still sorta blown away...I am listening to their disc right now,what a band, Canada's version of D&T~(IMO)~ They really lit the place up,man I am still hearing that "Set the controls to the heart of the sun" in my head..(not on disc)..what a trip this band is, has the ability to send you just where you need to go.I f ever you are anywhere & these guys (The Phases) are playing I say..unless your just plain dumb, go see THE PHASES

Their album- Recorded in Welland(Home town for em) is superb.

Jeff - Guitar

Phil - Drums & recordings

Shaun - Bass

Anne - Keys

*- All songs livessence*stream of conciousness* no form*pyschimprov


...tell em Esau13~(Greg from UF Productions) sent ya.


Disclaimer: The performers ask the listeners' indulgences for audio errors unavoidable in the exceptional circumstances. PHASES are a no form noise rock band from the Canadian wasteland: Welland, Ontario. Formed in September 2000 as a trio (drums, bass, guitar), their music is for the most part improvised. PHASES play group improvisation and then edit the materials of their jams into songs & pieces. Their music is influenced by Sonic Youth / The J Word / psych jams & all out no form. Their music is inspired by thinking / listening & playing & their performances are livessence streams of consciousness. PHASES sometimes perform as a quartet (+ keyboards) & their stomping grounds are the South Welland Community Centre (SWCC).

The Phases

Unreal. [Eek!]

a side note here.....Dougnagy~ Was great to see ya out for this one, as well thanks for helping us with the Little Feat promo @ Copps Col. after the Guess Who.Always appreciated.


The sinister minstrel of the ukelele. One guy and a custom made metal-inspired electric ukelele. Twisted comedy and the best philosophy derived from one who was born and raised in Welland, Ontario. Picture metal and experimental, but different. Campfire songs that hit close to home...an experimental folk project.

Canadiana at its finest.I love Canadain music.Where can I get some stuff there Doug?

Keep it coming...I need more Canadian Music!!


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