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Come one, come all, Wax Mannequin will be making his premeire performance on the pepper jack stage this

Friday, January 28th. with full band.

Special guests: Lure(Coqi) and Beep(Ford Plant Rec.)

10pm, $7.00

Wax Mannequin was bred in the Hamilton, Ontario rock scene. Driven by a need preach his strange internal imaginings, Wax developed a style that melded spidery, finger-picked classical airs, sturdy rock riffs and careful, impassioned vocals. Like a lost collaboration between Nick Drake and Edward Gorey, or the ghost of Freddie Mercury channeled by Crispin Glover, Wax's music combined grandiose, pop-melodic sensibilities with things abstract and experimental. Hardening himself on the Canadian rock circuit, Wax Mannequin rides an unforgiving road, battling nature's bold face, suspicious equipment malfunctions and an impending harsh world order. Through such trials of fire and ice, a tough, new Mannequin was born - a genteel, yet hard-as-nails Roadhouse-era Patrick Swayze; an absurd preacher of ridiculous and ominous things. Now, backed by his full band, or as a solo performer [with programmed beats, automated bass and angry electric guitar], Wax is perfecting a unique brand of performance art-punk; steeped in suffering and reveling in epic absurdity.

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Waxmannequin is actually quite a talented and interesting fellow, his diversity might stretch itself a little far sometimes as he exists musically to challenge his own envelope... can see it being difficult to pick up the story half way or more along but if you catch him on the right night he puts on a truly great show (in an avante garde tongue in cheek comic book heroics sorta way... some fine guitar work thrown into the mix... maybe you have to be from hamilton)

a creative fellow... I'll be there... other bands sound interesting as well

looking forward to seeing him play at the PJC in amongst his itinerary of fairly big stages/video game arcades


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