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Ryan Adams to Release Three albums in 2005!


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from www.rollingstone.com

Ryan to Release Three

Prolific singer-songwriter opens another deluge

Not to be outdone by fellow indie-rock songwriting machine Bright Eyes -- who released two CDs this week -- Ryan Adams will release three albums this year through Lost Highway Records.

Cold Roses, a double CD by Adams and his backing band the Cardinals, will hit stores April 19th. The next two, Jacksonville (named for Adams' North Carolina birthplace) and 29 (his age, as of three months ago), do not yet have release dates. The latter finds Adams again teaming with longtime producer Ethan Johns.

The busy release schedule is nothing new for Adams. In 2003, he released the loose, uptempo Rock N Roll album, followed by the more somber and orchestrated twin EPs Love Is Hell, Part 1 and Part 2.

Adams plans to tour North America and Europe beginning in the spring.


(Posted Jan 28, 2005)

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quantity not quality, thats what ryan always says.

speaking of john mayer, sort of.. his video was on muchmusic's 'one hit wonders' segment recently, along with some other sh!tty songs from the last two or three years (the la's, for one). i thought it was kinda funny they had already given up on the prospect of him ever composing another noteworthy song. poor guy was probably working on a new album, spending extra time to make it just right when he saw himself portrayed as a has-been. hahah.. i find it humourous.

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