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Roll Call: Pot Luck dinner saturday at the Cowboys


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Hey there POG - I'm gettin a lift with boogieknight, and I think we be stoppin elsewhere before hittin up the ranch. so to answer your question I'm not the one to be asking, and I have no idea.

I'm currently faced with a difficult situation. Do I dig in to the wicked sweet looking brownies cooling on my stove top, or do I leave them intact for the festivities?!?! I will try my best to restrain myself, but damn they smell good.

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ok, i just got back from a liquor run

i picked up 4 bottles of red wine and 3 boxes of Cameron's Lager

if i'm left to drink it all on my own it will be very, VERY, VERY messy!!!!

so come on folks, let's get wasted :P :: ::

crackin' into a bottle of red now ::oh oh, somebody hold me back!

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