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I Apoloigise


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So, I've been sitting around here the last couple of months thinking life over, and I have come to realize some things in life I believed to be true may not be, and my understanding of people and there behaviors and relationships, may have changed as well.

I understand that for whatever personal reason, I've been pulling my self away from real life, trying to put things being me, and move on with various stages of my life. I now realize that although it may be a good way to deal with what is going on at the time, or in the immediate future. It can't always be used as a long term solution.

In the past I've felt extremely hurt and betrayed by people I loved with all my heart. I've been lied to by people I trusted with my life, and I've been hurt by people who promised to protect me.

There are some things I know I’ve done wrong in my day, and for that I am sorry. I'm sorry for being an a$$hole. I'm sorry for not respecting people for who they really are. I'm sorry for not always being as understanding as I could have been. And most of all for being so stubborn.

So to all of my fellow scanks, I just wanted to say I was Sorry to any of you ( I’m not going to list names) if I have intentionally or accidentally offend or insulted any of you, by either my posts on here, or in person at a show or festival.

I'm sorry if I've gone out of my way to annoy you or start fights with any of you.

Most of all I want to apologies to a specific board member, who I was extremely rude and hurtful to on purpose. For the sole reason that the hurt me, and because I was jealous and heart broken. I tried to make things sound like they really weren’t, and lead people to believe that things that didn't happen as we both saw it really did. I was an a$$hole and I was acting purely out of hurt, and jealousy.

Someone told me once that love is such an extreme emotion like hate, that it can be easy to get them confused. Or that it can be even easier to have love turn into hate. When I was hurt by probably the only person I ever truly loved, my first reaction hate. I know how wrong that is now. I was wrong to show my hate on this board and to let it spill over to other aspects of my lie too, and for that I am sorry.

I am sorry that I post our personal business on a public forum. I'm sorry I tried to hurt you, so you would understand how I felt. And I’m sorry if I did anything to jeopardize your current relationships or happiness

And most of all I am sorry for not being your friend when I should have been. You were my best friend. My soul mate, my lover. And my reason for everything, and I should have just been happy for you

So I am sorry

this community has show its self to be kind and caring, and willing to do anything to help a friend (when it wants to be) or cold and harsh if so invoked. I've learned countless lessons in life, community, love, friendship, and some many other valuable things from people in this community and off this board. I've hung out and partied with many of you and tied to spend a bit of time to get to know some of you. At times I fell like its doesn't matter where were come from, or our different backgrounds, that we can all just be friends, and live happily. And that’s is why I wanted to come on here and apologize

They say, you get out of life what you put in. and I feel our community is much like that and lately for whatever reasons I’ve been taking allot more then I’ve been putting in, and I want to acknowledge that and try and become a better person and community member

thanks everyone for putting up with me


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Wow, man. That was a pretty awesome apology to the world and to one Skanc in particular.

As far as I'm concerned, you're a good guy and a friend of mine. It also sounds like you're really getting yourself together in your own mind, and I am sure good things lie ahead.

You're just growing up, as we all are, (regardless of our age; it's an ongoing process) and it sounds like you've just crossed a milestone. All the best, my friend.


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not sure if its the 4 cups of coffee or what, but you got me all teared up from that.. ha

Its takes a mature and good man to admit he is wrong and willing to learn and grow. We all have acted out of emotion here, so I am pretty sure nobody can throw stones.

I wish you all the best and hope everything works out.



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