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**BNB and more this Thursday in Guelph (2/3)!!


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We'll be playing Thursday February the 3rd at the Vinyl, formerly the Trashateria, in Guelph, ON. Opening the evening will be our friends 'Elliott Brood'. Come early!

It appears that next door in Jimmy Jazz that night is Samsara and Peter Elkas (who Gavin and I play with as well). So good music on both sides...

See ya then.


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Incredible evening last night - the BNB boys sure put on a show.

Super-jam at the end of the night to "Tonight's the Night" featured BNB plus Scotty Farmer (formerly of BNB) on keys, Shelby Kerr and Steve Murphy on vocals and Peter Elkas sitting in on rockin' guitar.

Big night for music in Guelph last night... Peter Elkas started the night off at Jimmy Jazz w/ a set that had Gavin and Jeff from BNB... beautiful... Samsara followed. Next door at Vinyl saw Elliot Brood open for BNB. Down the street Cuff the Duke played at E-bar and the boys came and joined us for some late night partying in good ole G-town.

Thanks to all for such a fun night!

BNB's run lately has me put in a call to my travel agent to look into catching the Calgary then 2 nights at the Canmore hotel run. Look out west coast!!!




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I managed to catch Pete Elkas opening set, the bulk of Cuff The Duke's set through to the encores, then back to Vinyl to catch the end of Burt's first set and the whole second. Truthfully I enjoyed Pete's set with the boys the best of all three! Elkas has a great songwriting knack and an evocative lead guitar style that matches well with Jeff. Jeff's vocal and Rhodes support really brought the compositions to life. It was definitely great to have 3 of 4 Cuff the Duke members, Elkas and Burt all at the after party- not sure how the indy rock kids heard about it but I was really glad it happened.

Any chance Ersh has got the setlist for the Elkas set and the Burt set?

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