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Days of You


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It's their very first tape. Their sound was really different back then; more "jangly" and not nearly as well produced or professional as their later stuff.

That was what they used to sell at their shows in the late-'80s back when Mike Lowcock was still playing piano in the band, before he and Mark Thackway got into a fist fight. After that, the lineup changed alot, they got a much bassier sound, and even started throwing in some Zappa sound.

Anyway, I always really liked Promise of Spring, but it was easily their weakest release.

Any chance you want to somehow digitize that tape and make it available to someone (say me?) on CD or something? I haven't heard it in like 12 years!

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They're great, Stn was spinning some out west....

Remember when they played Ottawa last (was this it? 2.27.2002)

I think that's from 2002-04-27, not 02-27. My 2002 calendar also has a show on 2002-09-19 at Cafe Dekcuf, which I remember as they gave out (or was it sold?) an EP CD with a bunch of newly recorded stuff. I don't have any DoY shows written down in 2003, so I think 2002-09-19 was the last Ottawa one.



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They did start out doing Dead stuff, but I think that The Other Ones were a different band; but I may be wrong. (It's hard to remember that long ago.) There were also a couple of other bands in that group from Toronto, including The Kind and The Smoking Coconuts (and the lesser-known The Coma Toast) that would often play together and had the same fanbase.

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Yes! Those are serious relics, and although I owned 10 or more copies of that over time, I don't think I currently have one, because I kept giving them away.

CyberHippie, if you could hook me up, I'd certainly send you something in return.

Let me know if you can pull this off, and I'll PM you my contact info.

(And Thanks!)

Edit by SM: Oh, but I still hope to get a digitized version. I have no idea how to do that from a cassette, myself, and I don't even have a working cassette deck; so I probably would only ever listen to a CD. I'd still love a copy of that tape, though, to keep my DoY official-release collection complete.

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I was there too!

Look what I found:


ps: D.O.Y were originally called The Other Ones

Nice,I have mine somewhere,wish my scanner worked.

I was hoping you would post in this thread,I couldn't recall who else from this board was also there but I knew someone was.

I won a "Deadicated" CD that night for wearing two pieces of tye dye clothing...oh have the times changed.

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D.O.Y were originally called The Other Ones

Ya, I thought about that since posting. Were they not, though, called "The Other One"? I'm not trying to be nitpicky. I just don't think they had the same name that the Dead had in between being the Grateful Dead and their current name. I may be wrong though.

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