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INXS Lead Singer - Feb 4th OPEN AUDITION!!!

Large Marge

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Notice of Auditions

INXS, the multi-platinum international Rock band is looking for their next lead singer. Mark Burnett Productions, the creator of Survivor and The Apprentice has created a new reality TV series on CBS that will give singers and songwriters the opportunity to become the next lead singer of INXS. We are looking for Men and Women of all styles that are ages 21 and up.

Auditioners will be asked to perform up to 3 songs (INXS songs are NOT required.) They may perform to a CD track (w/ no vocal) or with 1 musical instrument.


Auditions will be held in:


On 2/4/05- Open Call

8:00am to 4:00pm

At The Mod Club

772 College Street


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well i dunno - either he committed suicide or he died doing asphixiation masterbation - is this tragic? well i guess. But it was also many many years ago. What was in bad taste was the way Paula carried on for years after until she finally lost it too. The only one with any grace in the situation was Bob Geldof - so i can only assume that the band hasnt' been able to recover in any other way since his death - i don't blame them for taking a kick at the can with Mark Burnett.

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he had one daughter with paula yates who had 3 more from bob geldof - since paula spiralled out for a couple of years and finally od'd after michael hutchens death, bob adopted tigerlilly to live with him with his girls.

Super Freak, you're right ofcourse that the whole idea is also creepy because it reeks of desperation on the part of inxs and also just because reality shows are creepy anyway.

I see what you mean and maybe i'm callused but after all these years and the fact that they're holding auditions on a completely different continent from both the daughter (europe) and his family (australia) I dont think it really trods on his memory. The circumstances behind his death and the subsequent british tabloid coverage of paula's drug use and depression was much worse.

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