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Hey everyone, Everdale is located in Hillsburgh, Ont.

Everdale Environmental Learning Centre and Organic Farm

www.everdale.org gavin@everdale.org tel 519-855-4859

Everdale's full-season internship program is for people who are looking for hands-on training in organic farming as well as involvement with operating one of Canada's leading environmental learning centres (see our website for more info on our programs). Interns live and work on the farm as well as benefiting from WEEKLY field trips and seminars to other organic farms. There are a more than thirty field trips and seminars scheduled for the 2005 internship season.

The internship is primarily focused on actual farming. This is not a theoretical exercise! You are going to get your hands dirty. You are going to learn a lot of practical techniques. We grow a lot of food for our farm members, for farmers markets and for Toronto delivery.

The internship also includes training in other aspects of eco-living. The nature of this training depends on your desire and aptitude. You can choose to be involved in some but not all of the following topics: wind and solar power; straw bale construction; teaching school kids and youths when they come for one-day field trips; working with Bob Wildfong (seed saving expert from Seeds of Diversity Canada) in our seed garden; beekeeping; livestock (primarily chickens); and more.

Interns receive a small stipend, free room and board, and lots of training and knowledge. We prefer those able to stay for the full season (April 15 - October 31) but are willing to consider shorter stays.

TO APPLY: Send email to gavin@everdale.org with your resume, three reference contacts, and a brief letter explaining what you hope to get out of the internship and the duration of your availability.

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