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Excuse me Dr. H


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Dr. H

I went to your web site to see if i could download some tunes the other day and every time i clicked on a tune it would come up with some error saying it couldnt find the script or somthing like that... [Confused]

Do u have any clue why this would happend...? I really would like to hear your sound...

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Originally posted by Dr. Huxtable:

I've just been informed it's fixed....

AND tonight we're adding a recent acoustic show - which is probably the best thing we've recorded.....errr...bradm's recorded....

Is that the Elbow Room show? I hope so... really dug that Shakedown Street.

Can you post it in SHN? [big Grin]

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thanks dude, that acoustic show should be up there soon, it's from Dekcuf Jan. 30th, a couple songs with Mike from BNB.

As for SHN's, I really don't know how to convert them....still learning, I'll try to figure it out!

"Roses Are Free" - right on! bring 'er to CTMF, Bouche really is the man to speak to about posting stuff on this site.....he's a pretty nice guy, I'm sure it'll be no problem.

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yeah stevo you have a point, its good to have originals on the tape, and they do have fucking quality tunes, sunrise, maracca, sense of it, that day(im still calling that one by my name for it [Wink] ) , i really like some of teh old soulpleasure tunes like free money, pussy, couple others i dont know the names of. i just woke up, brains not in high gear yet

then on the other side of teh spectrum youve got paranoia, and if you have uncopywrited tunes on a tape and your giving it away, who knows who might pick em up, i personlally think chances are slim for a bar owner to start pickin up tunes offa demo tape though.

if i was you i wouldnt put roses on the tape.

id save the covers for the show, nothing beats a good phish cover or a ween cover or a meters cover, i fucking love how you guys cover that meters tune, but u know that [big Grin]

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f*ucking eh big guy..., Thx. Ya ill defienatly bring up that tape... This was our set... [Wink]

Polo's 4.26.03

"Roses are free">*"funkyToeJam">"Reba

tease">"Roses are free"


"Fire on the mountain">"scarlet tease"

"Cayman review"

"Cissy strut">"improvised jam">"first tube

tease">"Improvised jam">"first tube">

"Cissy strut"

"Gin & Juice"


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tony eh

well ever since he recorded that minidisc, i cant believe he only brought one down [Roll Eyes] but we havent heard it since he did it right?

why not ask 2nd tube if he can record yall, cuz he lives closer and it might be easyer to get the shit back off of him then tony the mystery character, i never see him around man

just a thought

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