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Not 1 thread about Trey last night?


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from jambands.com

Trey Anastasio Shares New Material

Last night in a recording studio north of Atlanta where he is currently working on his forthcoming studio effort, Trey Anastasio performed two sets of material before a few hundred people. Anastasio was backed by a five piece band which included two keyboardists, both Ray Paczkowski and Les Hall (Howie Day). Each of the two sets clocked in at little over an hour and much of the material was upbeat with extended energetic improvisation. In addition, the first set closed with four solo acoustic songs, one of which, “18 Steps,” Anastasio later performed in the second set as a full-on electric number. The acoustic portion of the night concluded with an emotional take on "Strange Design.” Other compositions over the course of the evening included “Gloomy Skies,” “Goodbye Head” and “Air Said To Me.”

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...no he's not - he's just stunned.

I personally like trey band way more than i ever liked phish, but phish has had some of the best moments in music...I live for the moment, not for moments. I wish they'd give the guy another chance...the summer's far behind us and heady folk should know better than to hold grudges.

trey anastasio's a machine. not a false idol...musicians shouldn't be idols anyway. that's the biggest problem music has. idolatry. people should find inspiration in music, not a focus to be shattered when emotions and personal demons run high.

however...i understand how sh!tty coventry was for people...

the summer's far behind us.

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I was just reading about this over on PhantasyTour. It's funny how that board goes from ripping on Trey's every move to being excited about the new material at the drop of a hat. That jambands.com blurb is very vague, I wonder what their source is?

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I'm pretty sure that what Trey is doing will not be called the "Trey Anastasio Band" - it's not the same band that he has been touring with for the past couple of years. I got some great insights into what Trey is upto from drinking with Ray Paczkowski on his last Vorzca Tour to Toronto. The new compositions are very personal, many are acousitc and he's chosen to write the lyrics himself.

Seeing that Trey just signed a management Deal with Dave Matthews Manager and a new album on the way suggest to me that he's in a transitional period that will likely put him back where he finished... big publicity, big tours, big new album.

In asking the Vorzca guys how Trey is percieved in the States, the trio has this to say... "Phish was Trey" And they meant it not to undermind the other players, more that it was Trey's energy, composition and eccentricities that made the band. I think they are right.

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" It's funny how that board goes from ripping on Trey's every move to being excited about the new material at the drop of a hat."

Its what Trey's doing...his material with his band is a heckuva lot more interesting than what he was doing with Phish at the end (or at least in my opinion)...

As for the name of his band, i have a feeling it will always be the Trey Anastasio Band, just like Phil Lesh's Band...always new members, but rarely changing name...

Trey is doing what Mr Robertson did a while back...

Let those creative juices flow!

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here's a post from somewhere else (?) that is currently making the rounds:

Thu Feb 03, 2005 10:56 pm

Post subject: Trey outside of Atlanta Feb. 3, 2005

it is set break now - amazing first set ever for Trey's new band. The electric stuff was powerful and even expoloratory at times - and the acoustic stuff was powerfully moving.

One acoustic song, "18 Steps," found the room hushed and mesmerized. Not just because he introduced the song (and basically implied that many of the songs on the album) as a response to a very difficult six months for me and I'm sure for other people. I was really blown away by this song. The 18 steps seemed to me to be the steps that takes one to and from the stage, and the song was about how life on the stage and off can confict. More on this when I can review my notes.

He was overcome with emotion sometimes, as were many in the crowd (I felt like I was back at Hampton Beach Casino 8/9/95) very moving, very powerful.

More detailed review to follow, I will get song titles and other info for my BORT peeps (and review my notes more carefully. But he opened with an electric tune, then an acoustic tune, then three electrics, then four acoustics, the last of which was a tear-jerking, spine-tingling, crowd had to help Trey 'cuz he was weeping, unforgettable version of "Strange Design" which was more poignant than ever.

The band is a six piece with Ray on one keyboard and Les Hall (who works with Howie Day, Howie's producer is producing this Trey album) and the drummer from King Konga (NOT King Kong). I have no information on the bassist, but since I'm packin' heat, I believe I will get that info by the end of the night. Also a backing vocalist who turns out to be the girl I met in the bar last night - her name is Carmen, her visual beauty is outweighed only by her vocal beauty, and she even hummed along with some of the improvisations, and softly behind some of Trey's solos.

Trey's usual setup is augmented by a fully lit li'l Jimi Hendrix statue, Hendrix in full arm swinging down the chord mode. The first tune featured some atmospheric keys and dreamy lyrics (he felt something in a dream, something, something > great Ray solo for a BEAMING Trey- long jam that eventually exploded, striking sick stuff considering we are in a recording studio with about 200 people.

Second tune > acoustic - about "Love That Breaks All Lines."

Third tune - some dissonance, great tempo changes, some gradual, some abrupt.

even and All The Young Dudes tease

4 - electric, What could I say, from the fog in a day?

had a Zappa-esque moment with Trey's solo peppered with judicious bass fills at the exact moments Trey was quiet - this is their first fu©king gig?

funk snuck up on me on this one too

He's coming back out...I'll be back...

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and then this:

Bassist was NOT an original from Columbia, SC. THE KEYBOARDIST WAS. LES HALL keys, Vance on Bass, Skeeto on drums, Ray on Keys, Trey on guitar, some girl on back up vocals.

This band is sick you guys! I traveled from Columbia to ATL yesterday to get in to TREE SOUND STUDIOS for this private party and it was sick. free been free food. It was the coolest place ive ever been in. The new band kicks ass. Its straight up Rock. At times, its hard rock. Trey cried for the last 3 songs, one which was Strange design. He said that he truely truely is trying to do the right thing. One song 18 steps is about " a picture of coventry" right before the end and Trey cried alot on it. Strange design was cool the last 2 chorus' were finished by the crowd b/c trey was so choked up.

Got to spek to trey and told him that he's lit a fire in me that wont stop burning and thanked him for Ghost>slave ATL summer99. He hugged me and thanked me.

This place tree sound studioes was insane. I guess they have these private partied there alot. Beastie boys, DMB, Elton JOhn, OUtkast, Smashing pumpkins etc etc.

Anywho, it was a great night.

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"Phish was Trey"

Completely.............I dont think that is up for debate. At least, I would hope not.

As for 'Trey Anastasio Band' the fans gave that name. All my ticket stubs say 'Trey Anastasio'

I'll debate that. Phish was Trey, Mike, Page and Jon, period. If Phish was just Trey then no one would care that Phish broke up, and everybody would be happy to go off and see Trey Band in whatever incarnation, which will not be the case.

Don't get me wrong. I love Trey Anastasio, whether he is in Phish, the Trey Anastasio Band, Oysterhead, Dave Matthews and Friends or whatever else he decides to do. And I would travel further to see Trey than the others in Phish.

That being said Trey wasn't Phish, he was one part of Phish. It would be like saying that John Lennon was the Beatles or Jimmy Page was Led Zeppelin or David Gilmour was Pink Floyd or Pete Townshend was the Who.

As for Trey's solo output being more interesting than Phish in the end is a different debate entirely. I myself though would have rather gone to a run of post hiatus Phish shows than a run of the Trey Anastasio Band shows.

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I agree Tim.

I say the same when it comes to claiming that Jerry was GD.

edit to add:

Although I really like TAB more then Phish.

Hey Esau,

I know a lot of people that like TAB more than Phish and that's fine. It's funny everytime somebody tells me that, they say it with a certain amount of hesitation like I'm going to jump on them or something, which I don't.

You can say that Trey was the most important member of Phish, as you can say that Jerry Garcia was the most important member of the Grateful Dead. They weren't the the whole band though, I think the other members of those bands were quite talented as well.

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I am really looking forward to anything that Trey decides to do. He is one of the most talented and creative artists producing music anywhere these days.

I wouldn't say that 'Trey is Phish', or that Jerry was the Dead, but I would agree with the fact that they lead their respective bands, and that the bands without them would be (or are) sh!t.

Lots of folks slammed on Trey for his performance at Coventry, and it wasn't the best I have seen him, but it would be tough as hell to end something you've been doing for your tentire life in front of 60000 people. Some fanboys can sit in front of their computers and bitch and moan about everything, but if you were there in the moment at Coventry it was beautiful.

I look forward to the Trey band and I'll go check them out whenever I can. Hopefully the wook Phish kids will have something else to do by then.

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