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moe. DVD and stuff.


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Did anyone catch the winning dvd from the crowd shot contest?

I just finished watching it and I recommend it, pretty good quality for being crowd shot, some of the effects are pretty cheesy, but the kyle's song into timmy tucker is worth it.

For what its worth, I'll also add this, the best show I have heard moe. preform.


The sound quality is amazing, and the kyle's song into moth into bullet into recreational chemistry is simply spectacular.

In case you can't tell I really dig Kyle's song (kyle makes an appearence to tell his story on the crowd shot dvd, which was shot at the club where he actually did get hit by a car)

I like moe. I actually named my dog moe.

I know this isn't the BT forum but I dont care really, I'm listening to this right now and it is great (sound quality and show)


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