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anybody want to hit this one?


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February 19

Zaphod Beeblebrox


APOSTLE OF HUSTLE is BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE guitarist Andrew Whiteman's new side project. In his own words:

"I started Apostle of Hustle after I got back from two months living in El Barrio Santo Suarez en L'habana. I stayed with my godmother’s family and learned to play the tres (a Cuban guitar)… well, kinda learned. I always felt the Spanish vibe in music and being a music nerd, like all of us, I had to know the exact times, dates and styles of the music - though probably not as much as, say, David Byrne (ps - his essay on world music re: appropriation and what purpose does that category even serve?, is excellent – see luaka bop website if interested..). I came back from Cuba and started a residency at a local Toronto dive as Apostle of Hustle, a quartet - upright bass (Julian Brown - a major part of this Thing, plays a lot of weird stuff on the record, too much to mention here - organ bass, electric mandolin, basses, guitar, beats etc.), drums (Dean Stone the Root Chakra of this Thang – I’m working on stealing him back from Sarah Harmer...), tres/guitar and trumpet. We played Brazilian & Cuban songs, Tom Waits, PJ Harvey and Marc Ribot. This was all going on during the formation of Broken Social Scene. Kevin & Brendan used to come to these Tuesday nights and be drunk and sing from the front of this cavernous reverb-y room while we chanted at the back."

"Simply put, to miss out on Folkloric Feel would be to miss out on some of the most extraordinary sounds of the year."

- PopMatters.com

it's at zaphod's so if there's anyhting else going on we could do it all...

any takers??

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Formed in 2001, as the Poets affirm began as a three piece instrumental outfit. As time passed, the band increased in size and began developing a more mature and intricate sound. Easing away from contemporary song structure and experimenting more with key and time signature changes, their appeal quickly grew within the local scene.

With the release of their first full length album “i want to tell my heart to you.but i cannot say English” at the start of 2004, interest in the group began to extend nationally. Charting coast to coast, and regularly featured on the CBC networks, as the Poets affirm released their much anticipated sophomore album “The Jaws that Bite, The Claws that Catch” later that same year.

Currently, the group is promoting their new album and writing material for their third full length. A Western Canadian summer tour is also in the works.

...as the Poets affirm are: Acoustic Guitar (gary udle), Percussion (nathan gara), Cello/Rhodes (kina de grasse), Bass Guitar (ryan griffin), Electric Guitar (ryan patterson), Rhodes/Synth/Vocals (ben belanger) and Violin (renee leduc).

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