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Hello Weedeaters!

Time for another speakeasy! This time we're going to indulge in a little self love the day before Valentines Day. Everyone gets loved! No one gets "singled" out! And couples can come with no expectations. (Except weed!)

The "One Love" Affair starts at 8 pm at the secret location. At 9 pm comedy starts with host Liam Kelly. Then we're going to do a raffle and give away some prizes, followed by a little burlesque show, and we finish off the night with jazz by Mafata and Friends.

Tickets are available through myself or an authorized dealer near you!

They're just $10 advance and $15 at the door. Please take note only advance ticket holders get in the raffle, so get your tickets early!

ok, so here's the deal, a freind of mine hosts these parties about twice a month. they are held in a secrate location, where is it safe to smoke pot freely and have a good ol' time.

there is a "snack" bar featuring a large selection of baked goodies, and probably a few warm things too and well as drinks. most of the food and drinks are full of weed, and are definatly good

the party if for medical users, but some tickets are avalible for friend, and club members, so if you intrested im me and i will give you all the info

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