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Actually the building I live in is super nice, and my landlord owns 3 buildings in a row 1 and 2 bedrooms you can give him a call 893-7409 his names Jerry reasonable prices and awesome neigbourhood... it's near the Concordia Club on a cresent called Kelvin Ave. Lots a of nature and close to all ameities. Well its worth the try.......Peace

(if that numbers not right I'll PM u, but I'm 92% sure)

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Hey Palace! I saw a "for rent" sign on a house on cedar st. Feel like takin' over the old hood again? I have an extra meat tenderizer if ya need one.

I find rent is so reasonable in kitchener. I've found a couple great townhouses for very little over the years. Those places on Thaler (that name still makes me giggle) were AWESOME! Each bedroom had it's own floor, basement with a washer/dryer, driveway for 2 cars and a cute fenced in yard! I think we paid $700 + Hydro there. Not too shabby.

Do you have a time limit?

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hey vick, thanks for the lead! that one's going on the list for sure. we're actually hoping to find a townhouse (oooh, GRASS!), but a nice enough apartment for the right price could sway that objective.

oh pooh babsy, way to spoil the surprise. you see, the antics of ho-dawg & her stompin' & gruntin' sexcapades are so enjoyable that living directly below her just didn't satisfy my desire to be near her. i want to be closer to the parking nazi, her pleasant personality is so inviting. as is her pretty face. what a charmer. i can't wait to meet all her friends. they seem like a real high class bunch. i'm especially excited to get to know the ones who only address her by her stripper name. ah, what a classy dame. i bet a girl like that would never take it in the tooter.

oh wow, thanks pink! i almost forgot about thaler! that place was pretty amazing, the kitchens in there were HUGE. the only slight snag is that we both have queen size beds & a lot of bedroom furniture, so the jono room may not be big enough... HOWEVER, those places are pretty rad, so i'm sure something could be done to get around that. thanks for the tip, i'll have to see if i can track those mofos down.

but you know, that cedar tip is pretty sweet too, i've really been missing the great mr-rogers-esque surroundings of that neighbourhood. hey, maybe i'll really luck out & get to have the reitzel bros. as my landlords again! nothing says peace of mind like alcoholics running the place you live. yeehaw! ;)

as for the time limit, pretty much now is what we're looking at. i may be stuck where i am until may 1st, since i have to give 2 months notice, but jules wants to be in like, yesterday, so we're pretty open. anyhoo, hi-ho, hi-ho, off to hunt i go!

thanks for the info, people. if anyone can think of anything else freel free to post or p'm me at any time. merci beaucoup!


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hahaha,don't forget the crackheads. they go hand in hand with the hookers, making downtown the friendly place it is.

thanks for the tip, bokonon, market village is totally cute! and i can't imagine the ladies at the crystal tea room would be too much of a bother (especially seeing as they're only open, what, 11-2 or something like that?). :D

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