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Need a recorder in Ottawa ASAP!


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Guest Low Roller

Nobody, huh Bradm?

Maybe this is your chance to go to a show and not have to worry about checking the DAT every five minutes, and just enjoy the tunes and walk amongst the crowd.

I don't think this show will be a must-have anyways as both bands are still unproven.

So just drink drink drink the night away!

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Brad, I left you a message on Roll Call tonite about the taping, one of us may be able to help. Keats has an 8 track I'm sure he'd let you handle if you're up for it, then we could get a taping of the show, and you as well. If you give us a call, I left the number on the other post, we can set something up.


Hank Williams

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My DAT's on the fritz (it chomped a tape during a tape change last week, and now won't play, and I don't want to try it or rely on it until I can get it serviced), but I want to record the Circulate / Jiva Ju show tonight. If anybody in Ottawa could loan me a DAT or MD recorder, I'd really appreciate it. I'll supply everything else (tapes/MDs, batteries, mics).

e-mail me at "bradmcmail@yahoo.ca" if you can help.



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