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When I was little, about 10 years old I think, I was staying with the neighbours for a couple of weeks because my dad was away on training.

One morning, we were all going to have cereal for breakfast. They had a wide assortment, from Rice Krispies, to various sugary cereals to Bran Flakes.

The other kids chose Cap’n Crunch and Sugar Pops.

I chose Bran Flakes.

They all started laughing and told me it was an old people’s cereal and that it would make me poo.

It was my favourite! What did I know?

Stupid jerks made me cry. And I didn’t even get to have my Bran Flakes. I was far too mortified.

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Awww :)

That's so cute. Sugary cereals are kinda sick, really. And I must say, now that I'm older, I appreciate the value of a good morning bowel movement.

hey Jaimoe - what's the best quick protein filled brekky? (besides eggs)

Health is cool!

Boiled eggs are good. Low-fat yogurt with fresh fruit can't be beat either.

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Well I'm no vegan, not much of a health nut either, but the best breakfast on the planet has to be at Elgin's Diner... The Hangover Breakfast - eggs, bacon, toast, and instead of homefries - poutine! This has saved my ass several times in Ottawa, most recently the morning after the Diesel Dog show...

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