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hey boogieknight..


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Oh...the boogieknight has got the hook-up for the bonner...lets just say the big and friendly took care of it...just thought I'd reply 'cause I know the knight is up north w/ the family for a while....

May the blessings be,

Gawpo Giggles [big Grin][big Grin][big Grin]

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Hey punk What's up???? Well, the news is in. Looks like BF got me and amber on the guest list, so it looks like the only tricks that will be turning that weekend will be yours, you dirty crack manhoe. But don't worry, I will pay you well. Just make sure your out there EARNING!!!! Don't make me have to get that wife of yours to bitch slap your sissy pants ass around.

Mom said it was okay to go to ghost town, so I will see you cats there.

lots of love


ps. Thanks for the email giggles. It was really cool. Anytime, anywhere I'm in your corner!!!

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