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Move 4 Arcane


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Greetings All,

I’m shamelessly canvassing for help with moving Arcane this upcoming weekend (Saturday 19 Feb 05).

We still have about 1/2 of a 2-bedroom apartment to pack and load into a UHAUL, and I’m hoping that I can get assistance from the local community in exchange for food, barely-pop (beer) and other party favours.

Arcane, as many of your know, is in the “family way” and wont be there unfortunately; there have been some complications, and its best that she stay at home in Montreal and rest as much as possible. There’s a very good risk that she could loose the baby – so she’s had to let the packing and moving go while she’s been concentrating on baby-making.

That leaves a great deal of work to do for this upcoming weekend.

I’m figuring that we can meet at 1PM this Saturday at Arcane’s place (at Lincoln fields – near BradM’s place) and we can get everyone organized and begin with some initial team-building exercises (sacrifice of a pizza and beverages) followed by severe grunt-work.

I’ll be honest – there’s a lot of stuff to pack and load… so we’ll probably be working until about 7-8PM… but supper (at The Works) will be included when we’re all done.

For those of you who, like me, need to eat on a somewhat more regular basis (or, at least, before 7 or 8) – no worries… we’ll have munchies on hand.

Please contact me via move4arcane@small-c.com for details.

Thanks in advance… from both Arcane and myself.

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