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jay sanislo

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If I brought ya a couple discs could I get that Acoustalunatickle show off ya?(06.24.97)

And perhaps The Slip (02.14.97)?

If so, how many discs ya need?

Love the four CD mix also..thanks alot for that.


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glad you enjoy the mix, i've been getting emails from people all over N.america tell me how much someone loves it....

nice to see its getting out....

i'll still offer up any b&p packages to anyone on this board who is reading this....

Anyways, the slip show, i dont have the whole show. Unfortunately, i started the download, and whoever i was getting it from, doesn't log on anymore....I only have the first set....actually not even first set, first disc, the rest of the set (Two songs) is on the second disc.....

BUT the acoustilunatickle show isn't a problem.

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