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Well, they did a pretty good impression of Hiway Freeker...

That's not meant as a dis (nor am I implying in any way shape or form that they're ripping them off): like HF, they have a fairly sultry female vocalist, backed up by players who have a serious jazz/funk bent. Add to it the singer's flute playing (which she didn't do enough of, IMO), and it was an incredible show. I envy the Montreal folk; a nero show's a joy, but if you add in Circulate, it's gonna be off the rails.



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I really enjoyed them! Jiva and Circulate made a great pairing on stage. I'd like to see them go seamless.

It was a pretty funky evening. I only did get to see about a half-hour of Circulate, as I really needed sleep. Lisa also plays the flute! That was sweet mixed into the band.

I didn't get to talk to the band much, but I did talk to Check1-2-3 a bit. He's a very nice guy.

After Jiva's set, many people said things like "I had no idea they were so good".

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Circulate was great but short, way too short. Loved the grooves but found her voice to be too subtil, kinda getting lost in the music .(I'm a big Jen Durkin fan, so I'm hard to impress). As for Jiva Ju, boys I could have listen to that all night, great sound, great choice in covers. All in all two bands i would totally pay to see again. [big Grin]

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