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hello from amsterdam


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make sure you try eating a bud salad.

if i ever go to amsterdam (which i dont think i really want to) i'd be eating a bud salad. I personally love to taste of weed. I never, ever let anything go to waste. Everything that gets cut off the buds before i smoke em, gets eaten. All leaves and stock. If its a little fresh, the taste is sooooo sweet. 'Course you dont want to be smoken' them like that, but damn tastey.

My mouth is wet just thinking about a big bowl of buds to eat.

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11 days there was better then the 55 I spent touring Europe.

Geniet van mijn vrienden. Maak alstublieft aan het huis veilig. [big Grin]

~Secondtube~......herb salad?

........Then a sweet lightning struck

And the earth opened us

Like spring buds

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