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From Don Ross...

Hello fellow travelers,

Want to let you all know that I will be taking part in a live webcast tomorrow (Monday, February 21). I'll be participating in a taping of the Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour. I'll be guesting on the show along with songwriter Webb Wilder (http://www.webbwilder.com).The webcast will begin at 6:55 pm, Eastern Standard Time. Unfortunately, that's actually quite early on Tuesday morning for my European and Asian fans, but you lucky North, Central and South Americans should be able to tune in at a reasonable time (Monday at 3:55 pm Pacific...8:25 in Newfoundland, etc). The webcast will be archived on Woodsong's website so you can catch it in the future on demand.

It's fascinating watching the webcast, because you get a sense of what it's like to put together a radio show in front of a live audience. Quite old fashioned, actually, despite the new technologies that get used to bring the show to a worldwide audience. The taped and packaged version of the show will be broadcast in the next few weeks on over 400 stations worldwide. Check the Woodsongs website for more details:


Of course those of you in the Lexington, Kentucky area can attend the taping at the Kentucky Theater, located at 214 Main Street. Call 859.252.8888 to reserve your tickets. At "5 lousy bucks," as they say on their website, it's such a deal!

Looking forward to seeing you at the theatre or online,

Don Ross


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It was great, although short. Don only played a few songs, but there were some other very cool musicians as well ...

... and good news MusicFace ... the show is archived for your viewing pleasure any time you want.

It also turns out that they have a whole bunch of other heavy hitters in their archives too; full shows in good quality and complete with video.

Check out the site!

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