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ROLL CALL :Diesel Dog~Someplace Else~05.10.03


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Sorry DieselDoug,.... I had to jump on this.

Ok folks, despite rumors of that this show is not happening,...... this show is a go!!

Diesel Dog

@ Someplace else

46 Dalhousie st.~Brantford Ont.


19+ $ 5.00 Cover~

Hey, after a night like tonight(last night) @ PJC, which was just smoking!!~ you certianly shouldn't miss this show.


Diesel Dog @ PJC 05.09.03


Norwegian wood tease > Jam

Walking the dog > Jam

Fishin' with the skipper

Aint got none


I'm a ram > Jam >

Second thoughts

Jungle boogie > Jam

(Jonas--vocals!!(nice you crazy fucker [Eek!] )


Will it go 'round in circles?


The Israelites

Shakedown street


Our little town (Doug Feaver tune)(killer cover)

Love for life (?)

I'm a man >Jam >

Jam >I'm a man

*Sound check --> All

I may have missed a song, but I think I got it pretty dam close.

Get on out for this great show in Brantford...going to be one great freakin time.

BTW~ Phases(opener)....WOW...Canada's D&T..great ambient expiremental rock.

"Set the controls to the heart of the sun"~ Unreal...say no more.


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Too bad I couldn't make the show last night. I missed out on something good.

I will hawever be @ "Someplace Else" tonight so I hope that they have just as good a show.

Come out to Brantford tonight and party with "THE DOG'S" B-town style!

Cheers! Hope to see you out!

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