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Schwa.!!! Read me!


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hey man, i forget about this card. I thought i was just going to get a call from someone. I just got home from work and have to work again at 8 tonight till 8 tomorrow morning so i can't really do it today but i will get a hold of you tonight or drop off the movie before work. Let me know your schedule and i will get it back to you and you can remind me what to do for those tix.

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no rush but i want you to have that card when she calls which may be next week.

no rush on the movie either...i know where u live punk... [big Grin][Razz]

u going to ob1's tonight?

btw, did u get those cds back from momack? was my paul simon cd inthere?

have a good weekend buddy! call me monday and we'll work all his crap out

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chewie, i've been sitting by the phone with this stupid card for a week and half now! what gives?? is this some sort of scam...

Oh the things i do for a pair of abb tix. beats diggin ditches i guess. [smile]

so you're going to ob-1's cottage tonight eh? I'm hitting the kenny rogers show and then i might swing on out.

So might see you out there after if you're still up at 11.30.

"Ohhhhh Ruuuuuuuby.... don't take your love to town!"

yee ha!


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