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Phil Collins plays with The Musical Box

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That's amazing!

Hopefully this helps Phil Collins to decide to get back into the Genesis fold!

The Musical Box has also had Steve Hackett perform with them before.

They are definitely the best tribute band I have ever seen live. It is like you got into Doc's DeLorean with Marty and you went back to 1973-74 and went to an actual Genesis concert!

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Personally I'd much rather hear Phil in anything Genesis related rather than his ever increasing dreck-y solo crap. Sadly I don't think it would ever happen on a full-time basis, here's an old article from http://music.yahoo.com/read/news/12038455

Phil Collins Explains Why A Genesis Reunion Could Be Derailed

01/08/2003 12:00 PM, LAUNCH

Darryl Morden

(1/8/03, 12 p.m. ET) -- Phil Collins has said that he'd welcome a reunion concert or recordings with all five original members of Genesis--Peter Gabriel, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks and Steve Hackett.

However, he realizes there are numerous obstacles that would prevent such a gathering.

Collins is realistic about the feelings of all band members, from Gabriel expressing no interest in a reunion to the perspective of the other musicians.

"And I'll give you all the reasons why it wouldn't happen," Collins said. "Tony and Mike probably would think that it would look like that 'we couldn't do it without Phil and Pete. Well, we did try to do it with Ray Wilson and it didn't work.' So, from a pride point of view, they'd say 'No.' This is what I think some of the answers would be so, but from my point of view, as someone who's known for doing anything, you know, doing everything, to me it's just 'Hey, I'll do that; that's not going to ruin my life. This is just going to be a bit of fun,' you know? So, I would say yes. In either lineup, but for a limited run only. And for a good reason."

-- Darryl Morden, Los Angeles


Mr. M.

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sh!t, that was right here in Geneva. I was actually looking at the Musical Box poster on Saturday (didn't notice the date had passed) and thinking that I should hit the show...

Way to NOT be on my toes.

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