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jay sanislo

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Ok i have had my djembe in the shop for about 2-3 months now. The first time they bought a skin 1/2 inch too small and now they have had one on back order for freakin what seems like forever. Can anyone direct me in a place or person who would be able to do this by CTMF. I have waited almost 3 months now!!! I s this too long?

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Hiya [Roll Eyes] !

Also could try to find a Jimmy Drums (not exactly sure where to locate him cuz I bought my djembe off him at the One of a Kind show). Look up Jimmy Griffiths (sp?). He may be based out of Guelph. If you send an email to Ed Roman (a la Special Ed) he'll be able to tell you... edandkimroman@sympatico.ca.

There's another guy , Ron Cross, at www.oriondrums.com. He's a very nice guy and has lots of stuff. I recently asked him about replacing my djembe head and he estimated around 80 bucks.

Hope this helps...

The Little Witch

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Hey guys, maybe this is the place you're thinkig of:


I can't say for sure 'cus I've never been there, but this place seems to fit the bill. Kensington Market is more or less in the block bounded by Spadina, College, Bathurst & Dundas in Toronto - southwest of the Comfort Zone if that helps.


Mr. M.

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