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You Top 5 'New Bands' Worth Hearing List!!!

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Guest Low Roller

I agree with the Iron & Wine votes. Just some sweet acoustic songwriting. Can't say I'm totally sold on Bright Eyes yet, some songs I can tap my foot to, others I tend to get annoyed and skip forward. Since he hasn't been mentioned yet, I'll mention Nick Drake to round off my acoustic songwriter selections.

The Go Team are playing a sold out show here in Brighton next week, but can't say I've ever heard of them. Anyone care to enlighten me on this band? Ditto with the Shins.

Scissor Sisters is a brilliant party album that will get the whole room rocking. If they were around in the early 80's, I'm sure that my parents would play them at their cottage parties right alongside Boney M and Abba.

One thing I learned since I got to England is that they love their guitar bands here. Franz Ferdinand is huge and their album is really good and very reminiscent of Talking Heads.

Elbow is a beautifully soothing band whose music will take you away from your daily worries and immerse you into a world of nostalgia and remorse.

Another brit band that has a caught my attention is called Thirteen Senses. They remind me of a kinder gentler version of Coldplay with some really catchy hooks and less melodrama.

Another great band is called Keane. They are a unique piano/drum/vocal trio. Their album starts off really strong, but tends to drag near the end. I still listen to it frequently based on the strength of the first 6 or so songs.

Those are my UK rock selections.

My favorite hip-hop artist right now is Roots Manuva. Possibly the best flow since B-Real, the beats are funky, the rhymes are tight, and the overall product is definitely miles ahead of any other hip-hop.

!!! released a really good album called Louden Up Now. It's like the bastard child of Grand Theft Bus and the New Deal with shorter jams and more swearing.

More bands:

- Gomez

- Interpol

- M83

- Muse

- The Paybacks

- WE

- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I guess I've been listening to a lot of new music lately... :P

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Low Roller-

You moved to Brighton??? Closer to me than anyone else. Going to Keller/Particle in London on March 19th??

Thirteen Senses are from Leeds I believe. (or is that 10,000 Things?) Not to into them, same goes for Keane.

As for interesting British Bands...

Check out:





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My list of recent faves includes:

- M. Ward (amazing songwriter)

- Calexico (not exactly new, but exactly good)

- Surprise me Mr. Davis (in honour of the upcoming tour and my downloading of 3-3-04 which kicks total ass)

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I'll mention Nick Drake to round off my acoustic songwriter selections.

Low Roller, this is in no way meant to belittle your choice, 'cus I agree Nick Drake is great... something just struck me a little bizzare seeing a 'new band' list with a guy who died in 1974. :P But I do know what you mean.

I'm with you on Franz, and with anyone who mentioned Golden Dogs & Modest Mouse.

I'm personally digging two somewhat guilty pleasures a lot lately, The Killers and The Darkness. Gawd I love over-the-top music!

Also a plug for someone who's not new, but I bought the 3 EPs that Ben Folds released in 2003-2004, and they're really cool! Nothing much new to his sound, but I'd say this stuff is at least as good as "Rockin' The Suburbs" so if you dig Ben solo or BFF, I'd recommend ordering these off his site.


Mr. M.

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