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hamiltion crew - sanzwill posse


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Well boys its been exactly one day since we have been back from are crazy portage at my cottage and it was a total blast. We went back into deer lake 4 a whole days worth of fishing, unfortunatley i was the only one to catch any fish (3 bass to be exact). Other than that we had an excellent time... So good of a time that stefan wants to drive back up in exactly a months time to hit up dog lake 4 some silly good fishing...

So schmelter and sansman take a look at ure schedules to see what u got planned, cause u both are sure as hell welcome to head up there with us 4 some good ol'country fun..

peace and love


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that was a blast up there. so glad i came up with yous guys.

what i want to know is why didnt we carry teh canoe on our heads the way to the lake,, the way back was so much easyer, maybe the way back was easyer from that healthy breakfast of jaager and beer and bowls?

id love to go back up during the summer sometime. dibs on being in a different boat then stefan too lol,, dude kept paddling backwards and shit.

good times

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hell yeah can i get a big mac meal with an extra cheeseburga, wait, make that 2 big macs, ive been driving for a whole 2 hrs, im a hungry boy

haaaaaaaaaaaahahhaa when i heard stefan order that i howled man. that goes on the highlight reel for sure,, same with catching a clam lol

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pieg we have to make that remix

whoooos got the bunk? gotta spark that bunk owwww

weeeee want the bunk, lemme light that blunt

i notice weefs still got his clownin shoes on lol

dude we really REALLY should have turned around and gotten his digicam so we coulda shared some pics on here, some ewoks with clown shoes cutting thru the brush [Wink]

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