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Rheostatics Tonight?

larry jr.

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I caught them at Zaphods a while back. First time I saw them live, long overdue, but I don't think I can catch them tonight. Oooh, sudden flashback to listening to Harmelodia with the headphones out in Victoria...good stuff.

I'm pretty psyched about Bruce Cockburn next Monday though (!) - also long overdue. He rocks, especially with these turbulent times and what-have-you...

So many festivals...what to do, what to do.

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Everyone should go, regardless of weather, cost, anything. These guys are the best.

Tungsten and NorthernWish say so too. I think they might have more credibility around here than me...

Real music by 4 humble guys. Anyone who says Tielli can't play guitar must be deaf.


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Good show, although the drums were too loud, Ottawa crowds are lame and it was damn cold.

If people bring lawn chairs to Elvis Costello at BluesFest and tell me to 'get down in front', I'm gonna just snap.

Tielli is a beast of a guitar player.

B+P Offer: December 18, 2002 - Rheos at Zaphod's. Open to first 3 people who email...


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