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Where's Micheal Moore when you need him?

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Guest Low Roller

U.S. Senate debates protection for gun-makers

WASHINGTON - A bill working its way through the U.S. Senate would protect gun-makers and gun-sellers from lawsuits aimed at making them responsible for gun crimes.

The House of Representatives has already passed the bill. It was introduced after Denise Johnson filed a suit against Bushmaster Firearms Inc.

Johnson is the widow of Conrad Johnson, who was killed last October amid a spree of sniper shootings that gripped the nation, and left 13 people dead.

Conrad Johnson, a 35-year-old bus driver, was preparing to start his route in Silver Spring, Maryland, when he was shot in the abdomen.

John Allen Muhammad and John Lee Malvo are accused in the shootings.

Johnson's lawsuit doesn't go after them, but sets its sights on Bushmaster, the company that manufactured the gun, and on Bull's Eye Shooter Supply, the store that sold the gun in Tacoma, Washington.

"Our lawsuit is simple," she said. "We claim the companies that sell guns should do all they can to prevent criminals from acquiring deadly weapons."

But the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, S. 659, would stop hers and about 50 other suits against gun-makers.

The gun industry says it should be responsible for defective products, not for criminal purchasers.

"If that third party is a criminal element committing a crime, it is not the responsibility of the firearm manufacturer, because he manufactured that perfectly legitimate product and distributed it according to all the laws we're governed by," said James Chambers, executive director of the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute.

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Guest Low Roller

(Crap, I hope I'm not missing the sarcasm)

He's the director for the Oscar winning 'Bowling for Columbine'- A movie that dealt with the gun culture in the United States.

Michael Moore has also developed a certain notoriety after his Oscar acceptance speech which included some very unflattering things about U.S. president Dubbya Bush.

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