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wondering who else is planning on catching this show Friday as I'm really looking forward to it... my friend Hunter Eves is opening and I have a feeling it'll be a cool and interesting night of music and people

Carole Pope is playing in Toronto at The Drake the following night as well



With three Juno Awards, a Genie Award, and four Gold and two Platinum records to her credit, Carole Pope is an icon of transgressive music. Throughout her career, Carole Pope has blazed a trail for the diva and anti-diva in all of us. In sharing her thoughts on sexuality, and sexual politics, her music makes you "Think and dance at the same time." She has two songs on the Queer as Folk soundtrack, which has sold over 200000 units, and has written music for film and television. She has completed a new album, entitled Transcend distributed by Fusion 3 and a single All Touch/Transcend on Bugeyed Records is garnering rave reviews and is in heavy rotation on Canadian radio and clubs in NYC and Europe ." She is the author of a best selling autobiography entitled Anti Diva published by Random House.
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you know it bra ::

woohoo Carole Pope! part of the reason I'm no longer Catholic


She's a cool blonde scheming bitch

She makes my body twitch

Walking down the corridor

You can hear her stilettos click

I want her so much I feel sick

The girl can't help it, she really can't help it now

It's like a highschool, highschool confidential

Teenage Brandos stalk her in the halls

They tease her with cat calls

She's a combination Anita Eckberg, Mamie Van Doren

Dagmar highschool confidential

What's the principal doin' with her? (who's that guy?)

Is she screwing with her?

What's her perfume: Tigress by Fabergé

She makes me cream my jeans

When she's coming my way

She drives a candy pink Cadillac

If I don't get her soon, I'll have a heart attack

When she flashes me a look I wanna burn my books

Givin' up, givin' up, givin' up high-high-high...

High School

High School Confidential

High School

High School Confidential

High School

High School Confidential

High School

High School Confidential


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Carole Pope rocked. Sounds as good as she did when I was a teenage, if not better, and holds the stage like a pro. Still writing great heartfelt/raunchy songs after all these years. Weird older crowd for the most part, well dressed aging hipsters who would rather sit and yell between songs than stand and dance. A good night.

Here's some pics I took if anyone is interested. Not great quality but captures the evening more or less.

Carole Pope with special guest Hunter Eves


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Looks like there was no one there.

naw, actually every table in the place to the very back of the room and the whole bar were full, tables set up on the dance floor too... not jammed but pretty busy... just an older, sitting crowd (weird coincidence, turns out Goddo was playing in town the same night... what are the odds?)

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