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Woman "Tastes" Musical Notes


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Whoa! That is weird. However, I think wee little Brittney would be lucky to taste like cheese. My vote would be for something a whole lost worse. I wonder if this E.S. woman writes reviews. How weird would that be...

"Yes, I understand people were dancing and the crowd was loving it, but frankly, your horn section tasted like stale bratwurst!"

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Haha ::

Lots of other weirdness of this sort (and the hows & whys of it all) in the book "The Man Who Tasted Shapes". I found a copy of it for about $2 ... guess it couldn't have been a big seller.

Also here:

Mixed Signals

"Does your favorite book smell like textured circles?" ... "Does Sting's voice look like golden spheres?" Yoinks! ::

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thanks for that link d_rawk.

one of the reasons I'm so jazzed on the E experience is that it turns me into (somewhat) a synesthete. On E, I consistently experience sensations through different "channels" than would be expected. No other drug has provided quite the same experience for me...and it goes way beyond "seeing the music."

I've been intrigued by the idea of synesthesia since I saw a doc on the topic where scientists discovered that all babies are synesthetic and only over time and exposure, does the brain lay down those "proper/accepted" neural pathways that says smells will be dealt with in this part of the brain, sounds in this part over here, and eventaully we are trained out of our synesthetic abilities! (well, not everyone, gladly!)

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