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Hey Peterborough

Im going home Donny

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:: My friends Shan and Jeff are having me in Peterborough on Friday...we were thinking The Spades for goodtimes then learned about the Rheostatics in Belleville.

The biggest problem is the drive back(whether to drive back) to Peterborough after all the phun...

Anyone of you Patch kids thinking about seeing The Rheos or have an opinion about how worthwhile checking out the Spades in Peterborough is?

Not sure which to do.

Excited for Friday! ::

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YA Julia!

the spades are a great time - especially at the moho - the crowd there rocks. plus that would kick up our party-potential since we wouldn't have to worry about driving or paying for a room...

that said, the spades play almost every friday, and i have yet to see the rheos...

those are the facts... do with them what you will

dooo do dood oo doo dooo doo

either way, i'm lookin forward to it!


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