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Conspiracies !!!


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i expect that the truth is somewhere in between .

"Wag the Dog."

If the advertising world has the smarts to peer in to our heads and use the knowledge that they glean to sell us goods and services, then i have no doubt that the people who advise the people who pretend to be in charge have at least as much of a handle on our collective psyche, and use that knowledge to their benefit.

as far as i can tell, CNN is the stage managed version of real events. every once in a while the truth shows through the cracks, opnly to be rapidly plastered over and re-framed in the next half hour.

i can't imagine that they actually found saddam hussein hanging out in a hole in the ground as the TV wants me to believe, but the TV has pulled bigger and fater ones on people far more cynical than me...

i think dr evil nailed it. check back in 2055 for the truth.

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