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Amazing job op!

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Maybe it's finally time I got my drivers license...


Driver and On Tour Logistics Coordinator The Otesha Project Coast to Coast Tour www.otesha.ca

Application deadline: March 18th, 2005

Start date: Training from April 22 - May-1 in Vancouver End date –October 15 2005 Corner Brook NFLD

Location: Mobile Office Across Canada – driving the Hybrid support vehicle.

The Otesha Project Coast to Coast Tour (C2C), is seeking a dedicated, organized, fun-loving, multi-tasking on-tour logistics coordinator be a support for the Coast to Coast Tour as they bike from Vancouver to Corner Brook Newfoundland from May to October, giving presentations about taking action for social and environmental justice to youth. The successful candidate will fill the role of driving the support vehicle and being the first C2C Tour member to connect with venues and hosts along the route as well as coordinating logistics and performing administrative duties.


- Be the first to arrive in each town; role before cyclists arrive is to engage and inform hosts, schools and media about the Otesha Project

- Solicit food stores for donation of food for the tour upon arrival in each town and purchase groceries daily

- Contact and confirm venues that will be receiving presentations and hosting the Coast to Coast Tour as they visit towns across Canada (prior to our arrival in each town)

- Book presentations and find places for the bike team to stay in the event of a cancellation or lack of route plan

- Collaborate with route planners who have set up most presentations prior to the start of the tour

- Communicate with the Ottawa main office throughout the tour (by phone and email)

- Support C2C Tour Coordinators with administrative work on tour (learn these skills alongside coordinators, so person will take on some of the work and give coordinators a day off!)

- Daily management of the coast2coast email account and incoming phone calls

- Update the Otesha website weekly

- Manage the Otesha Book component of the tour

- Assist in financial and narrative reports for funders


Ideal Attributes, Abilities and Skills include:

- Independently organized

- Very strong work ethic

- Quick learner

- Flexible

- Focused

- Good communication skills (written and oral) – bilingualism (English and French) an asset

- Administrative experience/familiarity (word, excel, quick books, html, etc) an asset

- Experience with public relations

- Familiarity with and passion for environmental and social justice issues

- A sense of humour and positive outlook

- Experience driving without smashing a 20000$ car


The Logistics Coordinator will be provided with an honorarium of $3000

plus all living expenses paid. The coordinator position is specific yet

entails full involvement in the Coast-to-Coast Tour: being part of

presentations and sharing the experience of camping and group living.

Cycling tour members will take turns riding along in the car and will

support the logistics coordinator. The vehicle travels the same distance

as the cyclists. (Between 60 and 120km per day) Most Logistics

Coordinator tasks will have support from the C2C bike team members and

the tour coordinators.

After the first two months of the tour, the logistics coordinator will

have the option of taking 2 weeks off.

A typical day looks like –

- Waving to the bike team as they head off on their steeds

- Ensuring the site is clear and all gear is in the car

- Delivering book-making sessions at the schools

- Driving to the town where the bikers will arrive

- Confirming the accommodations and food for the bikers in the upcoming

towns, as well as schools and presentation venues

- Finding as much free vegan food as possible and picking up food from

grocery stores.

- Securing book making supplies (cereal boxes on recycling days and

material from second hand stores) – preparing extra covers if time allows

- Contacting local media and connecting with groups or venue that will

host the tour

- Heading to the local library to manage email, website updates, etc

- Contacting local media and connecting with groups or venue that will

host the tour

- Having fun with the biker buddy who will be riding in the car

- Receiving all incoming calls to the Otesha cell phone

- Being available for pick ups of injured or bike-broken cyclists

- Receive much love and respect from the mobile community of C2C


The Otesha Project is a national youth-run charitable organization

created to enable and empower our generation to take action towards a

sustainable and just future. ‘Otesha’ is a Swahili word meaning,

"reason to dream," as The Otesha Project was created from a dream born

in Kenya in February of 2002. In 2003, 33 incredible Otesha members

cycled across Canada, participating in a revolutionary mobile training

centre and making over 250 presentations to 12,000 youth across the

country! This revolution of hope and action continues with four

additional bike tours in 2005, a peer-to-peer theatre program called

Hopeful High-school Hooligans, and the creation and distribution of The

Otesha Book!


A cover letter, detailed resumé, and the names of two references should

be submitted in confidence by March 18th, 2005 to coast2coast@otesha.ca

Please send all applications over e-mail. If you have any questions

please contact Simon Moll or Keli Bellaire at 902-422-7543.

The Otesha Coast to Coast Tour has an employment equity policy. Native

people, people of colour, women, queer people, transgendered people,

people with disabilities, and working class people are strongly

encouraged to apply. Please indicate in your cover letter if you would

like to be considered for employment equity.

Good luck!

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