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This DVD is the sh!t (if you're into that sh!t)


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So the film, called Rising from the Riverbed talks all about Beanland, a band which included JoJo Hermann and George McConnell [both now of Widespread Panic] on keys and guitar, respectively. I don't know if any of you had ever heard of these guys, but I never had. They seem to have been just an unstoppable force, especially during the last years of their time together before JoJo left. The doc chronicles the band as it grew from a bunch of guys jamming, to the band that virtually spawned the sort-of Deadhead blues subgenre that's been happening in the south for 20 years now. Tons and tons of people from the scene make appearances to talk about the band, the most insightful of which is by far producer Jim Dickinson. The disc came with an audio CD that's a tribute record, haven't listened yet but will. Had to order the DVD from the site, was linked to it originally from the North Mississippi Allstars board [Dickinson's sons Luther and Cody are 2/3rds of that band].

To be honest? Their sound, groove and general atmosphere really makes me think of the Fat Cats. It's a great flick, I recommend'er if the Southern rock/jam/blues scene is your thing. Dig the site, there's loads of good press there. But hey, the Rev's tellin ya it's good over here, what more do you need, mie polpette piccanti del testicolo?

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