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beat the word filter for backbacon


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to borrow and expand from PPs birthday post, a song for you Backbacon;

Did you ever know that you' re my fuckhin hero

You're everything I wish I could fuckhin be

If I could fly higher than a fuckhin eagle

It's cause you are the wind beneath my fuckhin wings

Fly Fly Fly a fuckhin way

So high above the fuckhin sky

thank you, thank fuckhin you

Thank fuckhin God for you,

The wind beneath my fuckhin wings!!

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In the late '80s Jello Biafra went to court to defend the Dead Kennedys against an action brought (by Tipper Gore, actually) due to a Geiger poster ("Penis Landscape") which was included as a limited edition with their album "Frankenchrist".

When the DK's won in court, Biafra handed a copy of this Big Black album to the judge, Gore and the opposing lawyer (to show his gratitude of course).

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beat the filter for that cuntstick? come on...we all know that he loves to beat the assholissimo that is the word filter but is it really necessary for shitwads of fuckster talk to try this fuckingly hard to find shittastic bits of cumblastingly-peckerful language to make him smirk?

i mean he has a shiteating grin almost every time i see him...

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OK, I'll try. Gotta give Carlin credit, the man can swear.

Male Genitals


aaron's rod arm

baby-maker beef

blue vein meatroll bald-headed butler

bald-headed mouse belly buster

bathtub eel bearded blood sausage

bird bone

baloney banana

bat bayonet

bean tosser beef

belly ruffian blade

broomstick bum tickler

bush beater button-hole worker

cock candle

carrot club

crack haunter cranny hunter

cracksman creamstick

culty gun carnal stump

chicken child-getter

chink-stopper corey

crook dick

dork dong

doniker dingus

dipstick dagger

dart of love dearest member

dickey ding-dong

dinger dingle-dangle

dummy dodaddy

dolly dooflicker

down-leg dragon

eel end

family organ fiddle bow

fish fishing rod

flapper fool-sticker

forefinger fu©ker

foreman gun

gut wrench giggle stick

gadget gardener

giggling pin gooser

gravy maker grinding tool

gristle gut stick

hair splitter hambone

hammer hanging johnny

hoe handle holy poker

horn hose

hot rod heat-seeking moisture missle

hairy hot dog jack in the box

jemson jerking iron

jigger jing hang

jockam johnnie

johhny one-eye the bald-headed champ

johnson joint

joy knob joy prong

joy stick key

kidney cracker kielbasa

king member knob

knocker ladies' delight

ladies' lollipop ladies' treasure

lamp of life lance

life preserver little brother

little willie liver turner

live sausage lizard

lob lobcock

lobster lollypop

long john love dart

love gun love missile

lucy lung disturber

mad mick magic wand

man-root marrow bone

master john thursday master of ceremonies

meat meat hook

meat whistle member

merry maker middle leg

milkman mister goodwrench

mister tom mouse

muscle mutton dagger

my body's captain natural scythe

needle nimrod

nippy noodle

noony old blind rob

one-eyed night crawler in the turtle neck sweater

one-eyed milkman one-eyed trouser trout

one-eyed wonder worm pant muscle

pecker pee-pee

pen pencil

pendulum perch

peter piccolo

pike staff pile driver

pin pink pencil

pipe pisser

pistol plugtail

pocket piccolo pocket rocket

pointer poker

pole pork

pork sword post

prick pride and joy

prong pud

pudding pump handle

purple-helmeted warrior of love

pup putz

quickening peg quimstake

ram ramrod

rawmeat reamer

redcap rod

rod of love rolling pin

root rudder

rupert russell the wonder muscle

st. peter salami

sausage sceptre

schlong sexing piece

shaft shmock

short arm shove devil

shvontz silent flute

skin flute snake

spigot spike-faggot

spindle split-rump

spout staff

steaming hot kanga stem

stick sting

stump sugar stick

sword tail pin

tally-whacker tassel

tent-peg thing

third leg thistler

throbber throbbing python of love

tickle-gizzard tickler

tong tool

torch of cupid toy

trap-stick trouser anaconda

tube steak uncle dick

vomiting cobra wand

wang wazoo

weapon wedge

wheenie wacker

whip whistle

whore-pipe wick

willie winkle

wire worm

yang yard

yosh zubrick

Well-Endowed (male)


Basket for days donkey-rigged

double-shung hung like a bull

miracle meat timbered

tons of basket tons of meat

well-favored by nature well hung




baby food baby juice

bull gravy buttermilk

chism come

cream crud

cum duck butter

fetch glue

gravy hockey

honey hot milk

jam jazz

jelly jism

jizz juice

letch water load

love liquor man oil

marrow mettle

milk oil of man

ointment oyster

prick juice pudding

scum seed

slime soap

spendings sperm

spew spratz

spume spunk

starch stuff

tail juice tail water

tallow wad

white blow white honey

Semen Related


pearl necklace pecker tracks

wet dream



big bang bust your nuts

come come off

cream cum

die in a woman's lap drop your load

fire a shot get off

get the dirty water off your chest

get wet get your cookies

get your jollies get your rocks off

go off number three

pop a nut shoot

shoot off shoot your wad

spend squirt



ballocks balls

bangers beecham's pills

bird's eggs boo-boos

charlies cherries

chestnuts clangers

cojones cubes

danglers eggs

family jewels glands

goolies jewels

kanakas love apples

marbles marshmallows

nards nuts

onions plums

pounders rocks

seeds slashers

spunk holders squirrel

food stones




ball bag hairy bag

poke sack

Crab Lice


active citizens crabs

crotch crickets gentlemen's companions

neighbors to the south pants rabbits

seam squirrels



coachman on the box french gout

irish mutton ladies' fever

lifelong friend neapoliton bone ache

old joe siff

spanish needle the old dog



buner clap

dose gleet

glim haircut

lues lulu

morning drop piss pins and needles

piss pure cream stank cock

strain tear

Female Genitals


ace of spades adam's cave

altar of love bearded clam

beaver belly entrance

black bess bluebeard's closet

box brown madam

bull's eye bunny

bush button hole

cabbage patch canal

candle holder cat's meat

cave of harmony cavern

cellar door chocha

cleft clutch

cockpit cookie

coot cooch

cooze coupler

crack cranny

crease crevice

crotch crumpet

cunny cunny

cunt dimple

divine scar donut

drain eel-skinner

fish tank fort bushy

front window fur

furbox furburger

furrow gap

gaper gash

gate of heaven ginch

ginny girl-street

goat-milker gravy-maker

gully-hole hair

haircourt hair pie

happy valley harbour of hope

hatch hog eye

hole honey-hive

honey-pot horse collar

hot box hot spot

house under the hill irish fortune

itching jenny jack nasty-face

jaxy jelly-role

juice box keyhole

lady jane lamp of love

lapland lather-maker

little mary locker

long-eye love tunnel

lower lips magpie's nest

main vein manhole

mark of the beast meat

meat grinder mom's homemade slit pie

mound mount pleasant

mouse mouth-that-cannot-bite

muff naf

nature's tufted treasure nest

niche nook

nooky notch

oat-bin old mossyface

organ grinder oven

oyster catcher patch

pelt penwiper

pie piece

pin cushion pipe cleaner

piss flaps pit

playpen pocker

poke hole poontang

poor man's blessing prick purse

pussy quiff

quim quiver

rose screw-hole

slash slit

slot snapper

snappin' pussy snatch

snatch-box stank

steam room stuff

socket sportsman's gap

sugar basin tail

temple of low men tool-chest

toy shop treasure chest

trench triangle

trim tube

tuna taca tunnel

tunnel of love twat

tweeze twitcher

vag valley

venus highway vertical smile

wet cave of lust wooly-burger

works yawnie


Female Genitals (related)


boy-in-the-boa Female Genitals (related)


boy-in-the-boa Female Genitals (related)


boy-in-the-boa Female Genitals (related)


boy-in-the-boat bush

button cherry

clamp clit

clitty cleopatra

lady's low toupee lather

letch-water love juice

man-in-the-canoe merkin

mugget pussy fart

vaginal blood fart



apples balcony

balloons bangers

bazongas bean bags

big brown eyes bon-bons

boobies boobs

bottles boulders

bullets busters

bumpers butterbags

cantelopes gazongas

glands globes

grapefruits guavas

handful hand-warmers

headers headlights

hills honkers

hooters howitizers

jaboos jibs

jugs jumbos

kazongas knobs

knockers lactoids

loaves loblollies

love bubbles love muffins

lulus lungs

mammets mams

mangoes meatballs

meat loaves melons

milk cans milkshop

mounds mount of lillies

mountains muffins

mulligans murphies

nancies nature's fonts

niblets ninnies

nippers nodules

noogies nubbies

nuts oranges

orbs ottomans

pair nuts oranges

orbs ottomans

pair palookas

papayas paps

peaches peaks

pears pects

peepers pillows

pips pokers

pontoons potatoes

pumpkins pumps

rib cushions roundies

sandbags scones

scoops set

shakers shimmies

skin sacks snuggle pups

spheres spuds

stacks stuffing

sweater meat sweet rools

swingers tamales

tetons tidbits

tits titters

titties tomatoes

tooters torpedoes

twangers twin peaks

twofers umlauts

upper deck waldos

warheads warts

watermelons whoppers

wobblers wongas

yabbos yams




aunt flo aunt rosie is in town

all's not quiet on the waterfront

blood week collywobbles

curse of eve drip

entertain the general fall off the roof

flying the flag having the painters in

high tide holy week

jinx little sister is here

monthlies my buddy

my friend on the bun

on the pole on the rag

period problem

ragging ragtime

red flag red sails in the sunset

riding the cotton bicycle riding the cotton pony

road up for repairs sick

stop sign tail flowers

that time that way

the captain is at home the curse

the foe the hammock is swinging

the plague the thing

the visitor turns

wearing the bulky roll woman's home companion

Sanitary Napkin


bandage clout

cuntrag fanny rag

flag granny rag

manhole cover mouth mattress

muck rag pleasure garden padlock

rag red flag

window blinds



about-to-find-pups apron up

baby-bound bagged

belly up big with child

broken-kneed clucky

cocked-up coming fresh

delicate condition double-ribbed

fragrant full of heir

gone to seed have a dumpling

have one in the oven have one's cargo aboard

in a family way in pod

in the pudding club in trouble

knocked up loaded

looking piggy on the bones

P.G. pillowed

preggers preggy

shot in the giblets storked

stung by a serpent swallowed a watermelon seed

up and coming up the stick

wedged up with squirrel



a bit of jam action

ball ballock

boloney ride bananas and cream

bang basket making

batter beef

beef injection be in a woman's beef

belly ride belt

blanket drill blow off the loose corns

board boff

bone bore

bottle bounce

bump bump fur

bunny stick burry one's wick

bury the bone bush patrol

buzz the brillo cane

change one's luck charge

chuck a tread climb

cock up come across

couple with cover

crack it cram

crawl cream

cut dance the mattress jig

daub of the brush dick

dicky dunk diddle

dig your stinger in the honey dip your stick

dip your wick dirty work at the crossroads

do do a dive in the dark

do a flop do a push

do a slide up the board dog

do it do the deed

do the nasty ease nature

exchange spit feather-bed jig

feed the dummy fiddle

firk fit end to end

fix her plumbing flesh session

flop flop in the hay

four-legged frolic frig

fu©k fun and games

get a bit get a chunk

get a crumpet get a hunk

get a little get a piece

get a snipper get a wet one

get home get in

get into her pants get into some serious flesh

get it on get jack in the orchard

get laid get lucky

get one's ashes hauled get one's greens

get one's leather stretched get one's noodle wet

get one's oil changed get some

get some action get some ass

get some crack get some hair

get some hole get some pussy

get some stuff get some tail

get some tweeze get your bean waxed

get your pole varnished give her a stab

go all the way go like a belt-fed motor

go to bed with go to it

go to town go vaulting

grease the wheel grind

grind on'e tool hanky-panky

have have a bit

have a bit of giblet pie have a bit of summer cabbage

have a blow through have sex with

hide the ferret hide the salami

hit on the tail hock

hop on horizontal refreshment

hose hot roll with cream

hump impale

introduce charlie invade

irish whist jazz

jink job

join paunches jounce

joy ride jug

juke jump

jump on one's bones knock

knock off a piece know

ladies' tailoring lay

lay off with lay some pipe

lay the hip lay some leg

leap leap on

lie lie with

lob in love

make make feet for childrens shoes

make it make love

make out with make the scene

making babies makin' whoopie

mate mess around

mingle limbs mix one's peanut butter

mount mugg

muss nail

mail two bellies together nick

nib nig

nub nut

oblige off

park your yacht in the hair harbor

peel one's best end peg

perform pestle

piece piece of ass

piece of pussy piece of snatch

piece of tail pile

pile-driving pin

plant the oats play at all fours

play hide the bone plow

pluck plug

pocket the red poke

pole pole work

polish your rocket pop

pork post a letter

pound pump

punch push

put the boots to put the tool in the shed

quimsticking ram

ride rip off

rites of venus roasting the broomstick

roll roll in the hay

rock rod

roger romp

root rootle

roust rub bacons

rub up rumble

rumple rutting

salt saw off a chunk

score screw

scutz around secret services

service shack up


scutz around secret services

service shack up

shaft shag

shake shake the sheets

shoot between wind and water shoot one's wad

short arm practice shove

shtup sink the sausage

sink the soldier slam

sleep with slip her a length

slip into split

spoil suattin' on the hog

squat jumps in the cucumber patch

squeeze and a squirt stab

stable my naggie strop one's beak

strum stuff

swing tail-work

take a turn in the stubble take a turn on shooter's hill

tear off a piece tear the sheets

the disappearing cane trick the matrimonial polka

thread thread the needle

throw a hump throw a leg over

throw a shot thump

tie the true lover's knot tiff

tip the long one to be intimate

tooling in the woods tops and bottoms

trim trim the buff

trip up the rhine tumble

tumple turn up

twiddle varnish one's cane

vault vitamin F

wap wham

what mother did before me wind the clock

womanize work

work out work the dumb oracle

work the hairy oracle yard


Sexual Arousal (both sexes)


blotty brimming

bulging cockish

dripping for it feeling hairy

frisky fuckish

gamy hairy

horny hot

hot-assed hot and bothered

hot nuts hot pants

humpy in the mood

in season itchy pants

juiced up juicy

lathered moist

motor running on for one's greens

oncoming pruning

ramish randy

ready rooty

ruttish sexed up

tumbling ripe turned on

up wet

Sexually Fixated


cock-happy cunny haunted




blue balls hot rocks

love nuts lover's nuts

stone ache



balloon cheater

close combat sock diving suit

drop catcher eel skin

fear-not french letter

gasket joybag

one-piece overcoat pipe pullover

port said garter raincoat

rubber rubber glove

safe scumbag

sheath showercap

tail sheath



bone boner

bone on burgeoning truncheon

captain standfish flagpole

hard hard-on

horn in one's best clothes

irish toothache mean-on

morning pride old hornington

on the stand pants pusher

piss hard piss proud

prod proud below the navel

proud mary rail

riser rise in the levi's

rod-on rock python

spike stalk

standing ware stand-up

stiff stiffer

steely dan sporting a sequoiya

throbber woody

Illegitimate Child


accident adulterine

babe of love bachelor's son

bar steward bastard

born out of wedlock bush colt

bye-blow catch colt

chance-born chance child

hasty pudding love child

merry-begotton child misbegotten

momzer natural

nephew niece

out-child side wind

single child son of a bitch

squeaker stall whimper

whoreson yard child

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