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Thanks For Supporting the Dickey Show


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For all of you who attended last night I truly thank you, it was a great night. I know that it was a little too crowded and I apologize. I think that the wshow sounded great and man Dickey can still throw it down.. What did you guys think about young Jimmy Bowskill. That kid is really going to be going places!!!! Thanks Again, Mark

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OH MY GOD!!! What a night! I just arrived to the office (4 1/2 hours late). Not feeling so hot either.

What a night though. I can't believe how amazing that show was. My head is still swimming too much to give much of a review (sorry folks). But that was one sweet Opera House show.

Jimmy the Kid blew me away. Wow! I can't for another one of those nights.

When I woke up today, my kidneys actually hurt. Owwwww!

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