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Dickey Betts Opera House setlist


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I'll write about the show later, as I only got 90 minutes of sleep last night.

Great job Marky packing them in for Dickey at the Opera House.

Here's the setlist:


(Start time 9:50-53)

Set I:

1. High Falls (The Allman Brothers Band [ABB] Win, Lose or Draw 1975)

2. Having A Good Time (New song)

3. Statesboro Blues (ABB At the Fillmore 1971)McTell

4. Change My Way of Living (ABB Where It All Begins 1994)

5. Bougainvillea (Dickey Betts & Great Southern 1977)

6. My Getaway (New song)

7. Blue Sky (ABB Eat A Peach 1972)w/ Frankin's Tower intro tease

8. Come On In My Kitchen (ABB Shades of Two Worlds 1991)Johnson

9. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (ABB Idlewild Sould 1970)

(Set ends 11:20pm Total set time 1 hour and 30 minutes)

(Set II Start time 11:51pm Break time 31 minutes)

Set II: 10. No One Left to Run With (Where It All Begins 1994)

11. Lover Man (New song)

12. Honey All Over Me (New song?) Jimmy Bowskill on guitar

13. Southbound (ABB Brothers And Sisters 1973) Bowskill on guitar and Larry McCray Band bassist on stage as well, first name Jerome, missed last name?

14. Seven Turns (ABB Seven Turns 1990)

15. Nobody Knows (An Evening With ABB 1992) w/Norwegain Wood tease

16. Jessica (ABB Brothers And Sisters 1972) w/ Will the Circle Be Unbroken tease

Encore: 17. Ramblin Man

(End Show 1:26am Total time of second set 1 hour and 35 minutes Total time of show 3 hours and 5 minutes)

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Nice job Tim. I read your crib notes that night and the list is bang-on.

Seven Turns was a nice addition. Classic Great Southern tune Bougainvillea is basically a rewrite of Melissa, but it was still a highlight. I hope to see everyone at The Soundtrack Of Our Lives on March 26th: The best rock band in the world!!!!

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:: yes this was a fantastic show. gotta love dickie, looked really well, was in really good spirits .. loved how he stuck around after the show to sign autographs, ya you rarely see that .

i thought the show was over at set break ? what do i know, i was all wanked out! and hell it was packed in there ..

i think i would see dickey anywhere . oh and especially the little Jimmy Bowskil, if i haven't had read he was 13 i would have thought he was maybe 11 ... he was great .

it was good seeing some skank faces, but would have loved to see more, after all it is dickey.

thanks backbacon, tc, digzzzz for the good time .. ::

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Good times for sure, great to see ya Stu, sorry I bailed at the end, I was bombed, and don't even really remember leaving. Good warm-up in the car, great to meet backbacon and tc as well, I'm sure we'l cross paths again, I will definitelt be in touch about makin my way to Chatham for sure.


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