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Teenager Help!


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My nephew (Kristian, 14 yrs) and 2 neices (Kayla, 13 yrs and Emily, 11 yrs) are coming to visit this weekend...without the parents. It's SUPER-COOL that they're old enough now to "hang out" with, but I'm sort of at a loss for what to do with them. They want to hit the Museum of Science and Technology and go skating on the canal, but what else would be great to take them to? I want to get some pics with them at Parliament Hill (I have pics of me and my oldest sister on the hill when I was 10yrs old) but what else would interest kids of that age that they can't experience in Kingston??? I just want to make sure that they have a wiked time visiting Aunt Lippy and Uncle Booche so I wanna have lots of ideas to throw at them (although we'll probably spend many hours woopin' booche's arse at mariokart!)


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HEY!! COME ON...these are my fam-folk. Be kind or shutup.

yeah, my feathers ruffle easily when it comes to family...especially with these kids.

I was just a kid myself when Kristian was born and I spent my highschool years staying up most nights, getting pissed on (literally) and changing green-poopy diapers. As for the 2 girls, I lived with them for a couple years when they were 3 and 5 years old. They are all very precious to me. Don't back a squirrel into a corner.

So, anyone have any fun ideas???

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meet my friend Molly...lol...just kidding but having a hard idea coming up with ideas for you....hmmm

Omnimax at the Museum of civalization?

Museum of civilization is pretty cool.

snowboarding, cross country, downhill?

snow shoeing in the gats

cd browsing


okay Douglas...I can't think of much else...when I was that age I mostly wanted to smoke weed and listen to tunes...boy have I ever grown up ::

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Guest Low Roller

"Hop on Booche"


Omnimax is a cool idea. Biggest TV in the area!

What about go-karts? I know that there are tracks in the east end (Beacon Hill Mall) and in Hull (Top Kart Racing). I'm not sure whether there is a minimum age to drive these things though.

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If your going to the Museum of Science there is a place called Midway next door. It has arcade games, mini golf and bumper cars. I don't think it's overly pricey and you can win candy!


There is also a VERY VERY cool glow in the Dark mini golf place on Merrivale near hunt club...wear lots of white if you go.

If it was just you and the girls I would suggest a trip to Sassy bead.

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Mike to the rescue! Dude at work passed this info on to me.

Wave Pool in either Kanata or Gloucster

this sounds really fun though...

You go to Vorlage in Wakefield


You can go tubing there and I guess it's a blast.

Then, you should eat at Billy's for the best Club Sandwich and Poutine in the country. It's right beside the Black Sheep Inn.

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We went go-karting in Hull a couple years ago, it was a blast for us so imagine how great it would be for kids who never get to drive! They have pool tables to play on while you wait as well. I liked pool a lot at that age.

There's a ceramic painting place by our house as well. They can pick their own different projects and paint them how ever they want. They are ready to be picked up the next day. There must be other places like that a bit closer to your place, but if you're here go-karting it's a natural next stop. That will keep them busy, allow them to be creative and have a souvenier of their time spent with Aunt Lippy.

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it's a fact of life that most little girls of that age like to shop, so why not take them somewhere other than the mall. when i was in ottawa i totally thought the market area was cool and it is something they can't see in kingston. that way you're close to lots of restaurants and cafes (and bars for booche) to feed the herd when it's necessary.

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