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Wassabi Tour Dates


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So wassabi has anounced some new tour date for there spring tour. and they also updated there wed site, and added some mp3's and new stuff. check it out www.wassabi.net

and they also have this message board going Wassabi Tribe

Thurs. March 31st

day show @ Fanshawe College in london 12:00

p.m. KITCHENER @ Starlight Lounge

Fri. April 1st, aPRIL FOOL'S PARTY, TORONTO @ the Elmocambo.....w/ Sumkidz & Evolve favourite dj rolan' cash!

Sat. april 2nd, HAMILTON @ pEPPER JACK'S

w/ dj rolan cash

Tues. Apr. 5th, LONDON @ Salt Lounge

Wed. 6th PETERBOROUGH @ Grassroots Cafe

Thurs. 7th KINGSTON Tba

Fri. OTTAWA @ Cafe dekcuf

Sat. april 9th, MONTERAL @ El Salon,

with irie favourites INWORD

more tasty dates & info coming soon!

check out the mp3's on there web site, there are some of the newstuff the band has been playing. i have to say its much less reggeish and more technofunk, with and organic overtone :)

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For reference, The Spades are playing The Pour House in Ottawa the same Friday night (April 8), along with the next night, Saturday, April 9. (Yeah, I know people's opinions of The Pour House after the last Spades show there; I share them to a large extent, but will probably be at both shows anyway.)



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