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SlowCoaster kicks ass!


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Ever since I saw these guys a couple of weeks ago in Ottawa for two nights (one electric, one acoustic) I have become obsessed by their music. Esau's recording is fantastic, (thanks again bro), and I can't wait to get my hands on bradm's recordings of the two Ottawa nights. These guys are the real deal... I managed to find a show (well, part of a show) of their's in mp3 on their website. Check it out if you haven't heard SlowCoaster yet: Live At The Velvet Olive I can't wait to see these guys again, one of maybe two or three CanJam bands I would consider travelling for. If anyone has any other recordings of them I would love to work something out and get ahold of them. I have a line on about ten or so shows that I hope to have by April... I'll be sure to spread them around as soon as I get them. Awesome, just awesome... Easily the best band from the east coast at the moment...


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yeah I was really pleasantly suprized by them. I really didn't anticipate them sounding so good. Definately made a fan out of me in Ottawa on the Saterday then fully sealed the deal with the Monday accoustic set...that was really something. ::

I'm with BradM on hoping they'll do a little accoustic opener next time they're here. ::

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Agreed DEL, These guys are kickin' some serious ass...and on the east coast they are filling all the big clubs in Halifax, Antigonish, Saint John, Fredericton, Moncton, and espescially in their hometown of Syndney, NS.

I first met the bass player Mike LeLievre and percussionist Darren Gallop then affectionately know as Gumby, when they were a part of a rock combo called "Bemus Ton" a Band based in Sydney, NS. Gumby was the lead-singer and Mikey was the guitarist...

I put on a show with them at St. FX University, at a small little church on campus. They came and played mean version of Black Sabbath's "The Wizzard" with Gumby playing flute. Other bands on the bill included Holiday Snaps, Hu Noo and Aaron MacDonald backed by me on lead guitar.

Beamus Ton did record an album that didn't really see the light of day, the band broke up as they were supporting it, and Gumby when away to Africa, which lead to his study of percussion.

About a year after that Stephen and Mikey were getting together and Mikey switched to bass... you can really hear his guitar playing come out, as he's always playing chords and soloing with the bass.

Looks like Slowcoaster are planning a return to Ontario around the second week of May. I've got the 14th of May on hold for them in Toronto.

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