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Amanda's Slip


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If there are any small acts that would like a chance to play for an intimite audience then here's a great place for you to play.

Amanda's Slip

It's right across the street from an inn in the heart of Kemptville Ontario...or if you're up for a drive home, only about 30 minutes from Ottawa...less if you drive really fast.

Can't say anything about a guarantee or booking cause I have no connection to the place other than going there from time to time.

It's a really nice little place with great beer and booze, and an amazing menu of freshly prepared food. A classy place with original art that changes by the month.

check it out...if people are up for it we could even organize a night of skanks to party and play and use the pay to take down the cost of the drinks and food...

just a thought...I saw terry tufts there 2 nights ago and it sounded really nice in there. high tile ceilings, not too many windows. not a place to play really loud (sometimes it's a dinner crowd) but you can crank it in there.

I remember when I was in High School there was a coffee shop there and i was in a punk band that played a show there...i remember having a latte mug filled with espresso...ZING!

anyhow, if you're curious to see what kind of booking competition you've got to deal with or if you're into nice dinner and a drive here's the calendar. it's really not THAT far from the city.

Thursday, March 10

Terry Tufts



Sat, March 12

Dan Warneford


8:30 -11

Sun, March 13

Ray Harris

Pub Tunes


Thursday, March 17

St. Patrick's Day

Sat, March 19

Pat Johnson

Original Blues

8:30 -11

Sun March 20

Open stage

w Terry & John Brewer


Sat March 26

Rob Smith

Pub Tunes


Easter Sunday Brunch

March 27

Andrei Krylov

Classical & Flamenco Guitar


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