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Does anyone truly appreciate evil???


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Everything revolves around it... whether you love it, hate it, pretend to hate it, or run and hide from it.. it does'nt matter.

I have a fondness for it myslef... if you really learn the true nature of it... in it's natural form, and not the man-made religeous version... not what they associate with Hitler, Stalin, Bush, and other mass murderers, etc.. (which are just severe mental cases, not evil). How many of you "good" people are glued to the TV when America is boming a country, or when a celebrity is on trial... I am not myself.

It's not so much "bad" as it is the impetus of what animal instinct is all about.

Save all the hippie bull-shite for the few who pretend that the World will form into a villiage of hugging and organically friendly morons... stay baked and believe that.

Evil is where it is at... evil with a touch of heart... the obligatory reality of humanity :)

Heee heee heee (evil laugh)....

Can hardly wait until the next Come Togehter festival whan Pan can come out... celebrating evil when everyone else thinks they are celebrating "goodness" and love.

Search deep in your hearts and look at the altruism that really exists within you. It's not from the Bible, nor from your 1st grade school teachings, its from the insatiable desire to fufil the void of feeling necessary and validating your existence...

Those few of you who have learned the "dark" ways will understand...

Evil is not so bad, just like caffeine... in little doses, it can make you feel pretty good. But in large doses, it just makes you shakey and constipated.

Smile... with that glint of knowing... your God will appreciate that rather than punish you for it.

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Great comments my intelligent jedi Paan, unfortunately that's what makes the world go round these days, and you have obviously made that realization.

Some day we will reverse the evil trend and get back to basics. Our country is a good start and we should be thankful for that.

21st century capitalism, enviromentalism, peace, worship for the children and what is good withen us, etc. Canada will lead the way and form a new idealism eventually, just got to shake off the a$$hole Americans, hopefully Russia/China will knock them into their senses soon and then Canada can bring the New World Order.. Peace and Good Vibes for the World

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I don't know about any sort of peaceful New World Order; I'm inclined to agree with those who see each step forward in civilisation as a ratcheting up of the human potential for violence. As someone once said, we have more to fear these days from one another than we ever had from nature. It's not just the Rumsfelds, either; there are plenty of Eichmanns around too (that otherwise friendly and affable guy who engineered the Final Solution because he was a guy who liked to do his job well and impress his bosses).

Every being ends up as food for some other being. Whose evil does that become?

The State University of New York has been running a project called Understanding Evil, which is set to try to express the nature of evil in terms not specific to any particular religious tradition; my favourite axiom is that evil comes about through "the urge to unite the is and the ought." I like that; it brings to the fore what it is about the will in "Triumph of the Will" that's so disturbing. And there are plenty of willful, powerful, self-indulgent, and blinkered people running around these days just dying to rally under a flag so they can make their mark.

Then again, there are causes for hope. The St. Paddy's Day parade is on today in TO, and it makes me think that in spite of the Troubles back in Ireland, Protestants and Catholics can mingle fairly inconspicuously when they're pulled out of those circumstances. My mother tells me that the Orangeman parades her father and brothers were big into in places like Goderich and Port Dover back in the day would even occasionally be led by a Catholic guy, everybody winking and smiling all the way.

Ok, it's 9 am on a Sunday. I'm going to go eat breakfast (with apologies to the eggs).

Thanks for the thoughts, Paan and Darth.

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My apologies to zero...

THAT'S the fu©king bullsh!t, ok.

Flip sides of a coin, but both are just part of the coin. Evil is an excuse for what we define as detrimental.

I'll tell you where evil starts, with a definition. Nothing more.

The "Devil" is just the "good" guys cover story for the unfortunate events that befall us.

But that was a nice attempt at some magic there P.

Wanna know what "world peace" really means?

Everything stopped. No motion. No nothing. Know nothing. Define nothing. Consciousness erased.

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Everyone is trying to get to the bar.

The name of the bar, the bar is called heaven.

The band in heaven plays my favorite song.

They play it once again, they play it all night long.

Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens.

Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens.

There is a party, everyone is there.

Everyone will leave at exactly the same time.

Its hard to imagine that nothing at all

Could be so exciting, and so much fun.

Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens.

Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens.

When this kiss is over it will start again.

It will not be any different, it will be exactly

The same.

It’s hard to imagine that nothing at all

Could be so exciting, could be so much fun.

Heaven is a place where nothing every happens.

Heaven is a place where nothing every happens.

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Anyone who knows anything about evil knows that it is banal. If you don't know what I mean by that, get a dictionary.

Your post, however, is absolutely lousy with projection about yourself. Your own insecurities, dislikes, likes (ones you are scared to admit), and fears.

I say these things because they are the obvious truth (to me, and probably anyone else reading your post). If you disagree, that's fine, and you can think I posted this just to be "evil". In which case you must think I rock.

Cheers dude.

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Ahhhh... armchair phyciatrists and know-it-alls, you gotta love'm.

Instead of replying with nothing intelligent to say, how about you actually think about what the banality of evil might mean. If you were raised in Germany at the beginning of the second world war, statistically speaking you would be a nazi. You can think how very special YOU are, and how it wouldn't be you, but you're REALLY likely wrong.

I strongly suggest you read a few (more?) books before you make any further attempts to write one. Listening with an open mind can be a very beneficial skill. Knee jerk reactions like yours serve no purpose at all. Try to grow when you hear the opinions of others. No need to be so defensive.

I read what you had to say in your original post, and it sounds like you took the time to think it up, but not the time to critique it. Sometimes being pleased with what we create (in this case, write) stops us from reaching further. I emplore you to think on why it is that evil might be (and most agree is) banal. Hopefully you can use the perspective you gain from this to benefit you in your life.

I don't believe I'm the know-it-all here.

Have a great day.

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or maybe evil is some word someone made up to try and explain, or dilute the fact that human being as good as they can be, can easily be a bunch of fu©king selfish assholes that need some sort of exterior explanations for their actions.

And Northern Ireland is changing rapidly---there are now 7 year olds that can only associate with the violence/hatred through secondary sources.

I'll be raising a few too many pints of Guinness on for the old snake remover.

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Wish I could have hoisted as much Guinness as I'd wanted; as it is, we're looking at Lakeport Honey, but I'm not complaining. Anybody else see that parade in TO? I just about lost it when I saw the big gingerbread cookie guy.

I see what you mean, Number2 - we're all about rationalising our more self-serving impulses. It is nice to think, though, that it takes someone a little bit more deranged from the norm not to react when they see someone in imminent danger, like say a kid falling down a well (I'll leave any appropriate Simpsons refs here to timouse, if he's tuned in). At the same time, it does sometimes (when, exactly, I wonder) take that bit of ethical sobriety to allow the perspectives and concerns of others to get through. We're not largely encouraged to do that, and that's what's so troubling about our culture.

As for Northern Ireland, I'm pretty much done predicting what's going on. I can't, on the one hand, stop raving about how friendly everyone there was on the last visit, while at the same time remembering the bomb that went off in front of a store that precisely 24 hours earlier we'd walked in front of (Banbridge), to be followed just 2 weeks later by the Omagh bombing. Some people just have a really hard time giving up their violence. Long-term goals, I guess, and that bit of lust for blood.

Anybody read Christopher Hedges' *War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning*? He makes a good argument for the addictive nature of violence.

Damn us humans. I thought the cats were supposed to take over last week.

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Super Freak... you are the closest to what I was trying to say (at 4am after a night of wine). I was definitely trying to relate evil to nature rather than entirely to man. Again, I don't think Hitler, and other disgusting human figures like him are evil, but they are cases of mental illness. I believe Evil (along with good) is inherent to animal nature itself, not just man. And Pumpkinhead, I really do appreciate your comments... actually, I apologize for that last reply... it was supposed to be more light-hearted and less spiteful than it probably came across. I fully expected to get alot of criticism on this thread, and it's been a very interesting one for me.

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Take away the chritianized definition of evil and maybe it will come clearer. I personally don't like using the term evil. I prefer the negetive or dark side.

To really simplify the philosophy think on this level:

-from the death of winter comes the new life of spring. Seeds need this cold time to properly cure, etc...

-from the night comes dawn and new light. There are things that happen in the day that cannot happen at night and conversely as well. These times compliment each other although it's hard to imagine sometimes.

To try to have too many qualities from either side is "iffy" if you ask me. There is the Human nature factor that none of us can opt out of...unless of course you're vulcan.


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