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::St. Patty's w/ the Fatties:: Casbah, March 17th


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It's our intention to come in for this show as well. I start my March Break the very next day, so I can break my mid-week bedtime rule. ;)

Can't say I'll be doing the green beer thing (honestly, the Irish think we're daft!) but I'll certainly be practicing the only Gaelic I know and raising many a fine pint (reminds me of a joke -- I'll try to remember the punch line before Thursday)

Now.....where did I put my "Kiss me, I'm Irish" button?

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In the spirit of Saint Patrick and all of Ireland, I say we demand an acoustic opening set! Seriously boys, I would sell my own mother (she's not on this board thankfully) to hear some full band acoustic material. What do you say? Encore maybe? Opening set? Come on! Pretty please? Josh?

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I'm lookin the other direction from good \/\/illy... hopin it'll be loud and proud on St. Paddy's Day (gonna be ready to dance from the get-go)

planning to be ripped already with the Dundas girls by 10:30 so not sure if I'll be lookin for an acoustic set (though I do love acoustic sets) as I'll be all Irish loud-mouthing right over top of it as I spill my green beer about

1 for

1 against

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I have a 6am date with a radio show on Friday morning

a six in the BLOODY A.M. radio host on March 18th, WITHOUT a St Paddy's Day hangover ain't worth his salt! I mean, really, do your listeners EXPECT you to be alert and make sense? Adopt the Jonny Fever style of DJ-ing!

Oh -- and get off the board and back to your paper right now!! (or you could always ask for an extension, due to extenuating circumstances, like......... St. Paddy's Day!)

Anyway, y'all, we need the address and some driving directions to the Casbah (coming in from T.O)


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