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Rollercoaster road trip?


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I feel like I'm going to puke just looking at it.

me to.

I had never been on a coaster or ride other than the swings(hate those now too)untill The Allman Brothers in Darrian Lake..sh!t like 10 years ago or something...my friend Randy was appalled so I agreed to try every ride out once.

I did. I hated every entire second of every minute that hurtled me through the air...never again, never again.

I felt least like I was going to die on the one that hangs you under the track...for some reason it felt safer?

Have phun Basher...don't look for the cracks...or think about the crack head running the ride :: :P

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just thinking of taking mushrooms and going on that thing is taking my breath away.

thanks guigs. now i feel high and giggly. wish i were on an elevator. interestingly enough, when i was in cleveland in highschool on a band trip (yay band trip...debaucherous booze and dope fun for teens) we went to cedar point, and we rode the elevators all drunk...i remember the japanese exchange student getting ridiculously hammered and wanting to jump out the window because the girl i had a crush on and wrote drunken poetry for the year previous wasn't interested in him. he was WAAAAAAAAAAASTED. stretching out in the halls, crying, bawling, running around being incoherent...aah cleveland...drugs, elevators, rollercoasters...hilarious characters.

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