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Computer Help - Can't Increase Screen Resolution


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I'm troubleshooting a computer problem for our friend RobNotBob. I am stumped and come to the experts here for help.

He replaced his motherboard with a new one that has onboard audio and video. After installing the video drivers successfully he is able to increase screen colours to 32-bit but cannot set resolution higher than 640x480. Even decreasing the colours to the lowest setting does not help. I did a little google research and came across a suggestion to change the size of the memory allocated to video in the Bios (Advanced > Chipset Configuration) but that didn't seem to help either. Monitor is recognized and installed properly.

Is it possible, in this day and age, that the onboard video is limited to 640x480? Anyone have any luck solving this kind of problem?


Motherboard: ASROCK K7S41

Video Chipset: SiS661FX

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No way OB video is limited to 640x480. Right-click My Computer, click the Hardware tab, click Device Manager. Please report back what is listed under Display Adapters. Right-click that item and go to properties. Then click the Driver tab and report back the first 3 lines.

I will wait and assist further

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perhaps the monitor needs to be identified?

Check the monitor in your display tab. Windows may have just put a generic 640x480 vga monitor driver in there on ya.

I've had that problem before, and all I did was either found a proper driver, or I picked a generic driver that was for a higher resolution.

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what OS are you using?

Windows 98 SE

so go to the desktop, right mouse click & see what the "settings" tab has...click the "advanced " button & make sure that it knows about your monitor here as well.

i was working on a laptop that would not go out of 640x480x16 mode no matter what video driver & monitor combo i fed it. finally had to reformat it.

good luck.

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Have you tried a different monitor? How old is your monitor? I just blew mine that was about 5 years old and picked up a sweet 19" for around 300 bucks at OEM Express.

If I was having those problems and my monitor was under 17" and it was 5 years old, I'd most certainly upgrade and be done with it. Your eyes will thank you.

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