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Disc Golf hook up


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well, we're in Wilmington, NC now...there was a show in Columbia, SC last night.

A rep from Innova disc golf emailed me wanting to hook up before the show to discuss carrying discs at the merch table. He brought 3 comps...one with a pic of Kevin playing his bass with a bright tie dye in the background, and another with the Dark Star logo...he also brought a collapsable skill shot chain basket that folds up and fits into a backpack...it's so sweet! I love this life:) We've been practising in the lot this afternoon.

Anyway, off to the Norva in Norfolk, VA tomorrow.

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There is indeed a frolf course in Hull, at Jacques Cartier Park (if you cross the Macdonald Cartier bridge around Sussex, and turn right on Laurier, you'll see the park on your right).

The course is sort of divided into two parts, but it's all "one" course (18 baskets). The one on the big soccer field is kind of boring, since there are no trees to contend with, but the other side across from the field is pretty decent. It ain't the West Coast frolf I remember, but it's frolf all the same. They should really put a course somewhere in the Gatineau park. That would be pretty sweet.

I'm frothing at the mouth with all this frolf talk.

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I've played that park over in Hull. In November i was hangin' with Earthfreak for a while on my vacation from tour and would go over there daily while she was at work. It's such a great sport and FREE. I'm placing an order for Dark Star golf discs to sell at the shows and online:)

My life is definately sweet right now...headed to the All Good Festival tonight after the show here in Norfolk, VA....yeehaww

Show #796 - Mon, May 12, 2003 at Senate Park, Columbia, SC

Performing 9/30/1976 Merschon Auditorium, Ohio State Univ., Columbus, OH (Donna Show)

1: Music, Sugaree, Minglewood, Ramble On Rose, L. L. Rain, Peggy-O, El Paso, Crazy Fingers> It's All Over Now, Scarlet

2: Lazy Lightning> Supplication, Roses, Samson, Saint Stephen> Jam> NFA> Drums> Wharf Rat> NFA> St. Stephen> Around

Encore: Morning Dew

Filler: Strange Man

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